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Choosing and describing applications - The existing job advertising system is paper based. This will be costing the cinema to advertise in the local paper.

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A01a. Choosing and describing applications The existing job advertising system is paper based. This will be costing the cinema to advertise in the local paper. So I wrote to the manager and asked him if he would like me to produce a computerised web page advert. He said it was a good idea and he would consider if it saved him money. The advantages of the computerised web page to advertise the staffs needed is that if is a fast way to see which jobs are available. The computerised system will also be able to use a web counter to record how many visitors the web site has had. The out comes could have been achieved in a different way as I could have used a black and white printer. I could have used Microsoft front-page package but I decided to use publisher because I already knew how to use it whereas with FrontPage it would have taken a lot of time to learn how to use the program. ...read more.


I can use this to navigate through the web page and change from page to page. We could have used Microsoft FrontPage package but it would have took a long time to learn how to use the soft ware. The Big m's cinema web site advertises jobs vacancies available. There is also a user guide to show new users steps by step how to edit, and save the changes to the web site they wish to make. The web site has pictures, colourful backgrounds and animations. By using these it makes the web site more attractive and interesting. The web site also has a web counter to record the number of visitors the web site has had. To make the web site I used Microsoft publisher. I used publisher, as I am more familiar with program than I am with front page. I am using publisher because it hyperlinks, animations, graphics and text. ...read more.


Here are some examples of programs: Word processing Example uses: writing, letters, reports, projects, books, memos and essays Example software: Microsoft word, Word perfect Database Example uses: use to store, sort, search and retrieve information. E.g. details of customers, telephone directories and product details Example software: Microsoft access, Pinpoint The program I will be using is Microsoft excel. We are using this program because it has all the main functions I need. Which is colour code so the user knows the price of the seat. It also uses formula so the user doesn't have to manually work out the price of each seat, row and screen. Alternatively we could have used Access but it doesn't have the main features we need. The need to capture data quickly and accurately has led to a wide range of input devices. Some of these input devices make use of human touch, light, magnetism, sound and control sensors. Each type of input device has been designed for a specific purpose. David Boylen 11R ...read more.

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