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Choosing hardware & software for my customer's system.

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Implementation I am going to show the evidence behind the solution I have made. I am going to show how I am going to achieve what I said in specification. I am going to give 2 options, and will show the pros and cons of each. One might be better than the other. I am going to show six different sections for each part of the implementation. Hardware First of all, my client will need a computer. There are many options within this. There are six options: - * Monitors, * Processors, * Printers, * RAM (Memory), * Hard Drive. Monitor A monitor is the screen. This is the visual part of a computer. A monitor is a component with a screen that is used for viewing data at a computer terminal (video display terminal or VDT). Therefore, a monitor is needed to see the visual effects of what you are doing. The video output of the computer generates the image. No computer is complete without it. I am going to show the advantages and disadvantages of using TFT and then I will do the same with CRT. At the end I will conclude which will be the best option for my client, Bob. 1. He can choose a TFT. ...read more.


* Fast when printing small amounts. * Allows various paper types. The cons of choosing Inkjet are: * Expensive to run. * Slow when printing many documents. * Unreliable. * The quality and durability depends on ink type, ink quality and paper type. 2. On the other hand Bob could choose a laser printer. The pros of choosing a laser printer are: * Generally has a faster printing rate. * Has very good printing quality. * Produce very little sound. * Have good features, like self-printing which means the user does not have to supervise the printing. The cons of choosing a laser printer are: * Expensive. * Take up lots of space. * Only one printer can be printed at a time. * Reliable but costly to repair. I would advise Bob to choose Laser printer as overall it is better. Even though it is more expensive now, it would be cheaper in the long term. RAM Random Access Memory (RAM) is a form of computer storage. All data is stored here. 1. Bob could choose 512 MB. The pros of choosing it are: * It would be cheap. The cons of choosing it are: * It has a small memory. 2. Bob could also choose 1GB. The pros of choosing it are: * It has a large memory. ...read more.


In addition to this, the formulas in Excel automatically update results if the values are changed. This will highly reduce the chances of mistakes and will make the system more reliable. Windows Excel also has the 'Mail Merge' feature. This feature is useful as it allows the user to create reports and hand outs for the company. Also, this feature is quite important as it allows the user to create receipts and invoices from a word template. Conditional formatting is also a very useful feature in Excel. You could programme the system to alert you when certain conditions have been met. An example of where this is very useful is when you can set it to alert the user when the budget has been used up or has been exceeded. Another feature that is highly incorporated into Excel is the use of Graphs. They give a visual representation of data. This will make it easier to see how the business is performing, which areas need improving, help forecast profits and whether or not the business is financially viable. Another feature that will help the business is Macros. The use of macros will help the user to perform commands very easily and there is no need to input commands manually. Therefore, I am going to advise Bob to choose Windows Excel as not only am I more experienced with it I also find it to be highly useful. ?? ?? ?? ?? Minhaj Rana 11R 17 ...read more.

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