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Cindy Bells is a small wedding shop situated in Brownhills, West Midlands that makes and sells its own dresses - the current system

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Cindy Bells is a small wedding shop situated in Brownhills, West Midlands that makes and sells its own dresses. The orders are usually made in person, as a fitting is necessary. All accounts are done by hand, and copies of orders for materials (usually obtained from Los Angeles), and customer invoices, are all kept in a filing cabinet at the rear of the shop. With orders, the proprietoress, Cindy Costello, makes purchases over the phone, writing down what she has ordered on a piece of paper. The problem with this is that this system is error-prone and unreliable. Post-It notes are usually just stuck on a desk or pieces of scrap paper are left lying around the office. For this reason, some essential work is sometimes forgotten. When the order arrives, if the order has been written down to confirm the placement of the order, the piece of paper is filed, along with the order received documents. When billing customers, she hand writes a bill, photocopies it, then gives the original to the customer, and files the copy. The current system Mrs. Costello is happy with the way that she does her invoices and orders, but acknowledges that this is very time consuming. ...read more.


D: A Daily job list is needed and is not in place at the moment. E: After a stock check is made, the customer has a choice of which fabric to use. If the selected fabric is not in stock, it needs to be ordered via phone from Los Angeles (a very time consuming activity) F: A deposit is made on the dress before it is made, and after the dress has been made, an invoice is prepared (with materials, fabric and labour included). G: When the invoice has been paid in full, the dress can either be picked up from the shop, or delivered (for a small charge). No drivers are employed, as they would not be needed, so either of the workers delivers the dress, if this is preferred. Boundaries of the system Problems with putting in a new system are that certain problems will be unavoidable. These include software and hardware restriction, and the user's skill level. Performance Indicators * It should not take very long to obtain information whether about stock or a specific customer's requirements. * The program needs to be simple enough so that the primary users will soon pick up the necessary skills to use it. ...read more.


Microsoft Excel contains features that can be used in the system such as: * Ability to create a blank worksheet, which you can input data. * Ability to link 2 workbooks together. For example an order that needs to be processed and stock page can be checked together to see if any material needs to be ordered. * Ability to protect documents and workbooks from accidents such as altering formulae or deleting sections unintentionally. * Customised menus and toolbars. * Formatting to help make it clear to the user where to enter data. Worksheet Design The system will be based on two workbooks, 1 containing the stock details, and the other with the order forms. At the beginning of each workbook, there will be a chance to either open a new worksheet in which new data can be entered or to load existing data from the database. From this, the user will be able to view things such as order sheets/forms and notes on stock. The data will also be accumulated and viewed monthly and annually in order to check for things such as past orders and contact details of clients. Data Flow Diagram of proposed new system Nikki Westwood 012 1 ...read more.

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