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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5902

Cisco E-Business Process Functional Requirements Evaluation

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Running head: CISCO E-MARKETING STRATEGY PAPER Cisco e-Marketing Strategy Paper Index Cisco E-Business Process Functional Requirements Evaluation 3 Cisco e-Marketing Strategy 8 Cisco Internal and External Technology Review 13 Transactional Relationships in Global e-Commerce 19 Cisco E-Business Process Functional Requirements Evaluation To be successful in today's competitive marketplace, most organizations need an edge, and using Internet technology to solve the critical e-business challenges can create that competitive advantage. MSN.com's MoneyCentral website reports that Cisco Systems controls almost two-thirds of the global market for routers and switches that link networks and power the Internet. Cisco also makes network access servers and management software, virtually dominating the computer networking market. Additionally, the company competes with giants such as Nortel and Lucent in the telecommunications sector with products designed to accommodate data, voice, and video traffic-sold primarily to business buyers. The recent market conditions have caused the company to decelerate its typically rapid acquisition pace and while it still dominates the networking sector, Cisco faces increasing competition from relative newcomers such as Juniper Networks, who are finding new ways of attracting buyers. Whether any company's e-business focus is business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B), their ultimate success depends not only on having a healthy Internet presence, but also on having a strong Web foundation. The cornerstones of an effective e-business infrastructure are as much a matter of management strategy as of technology. To navigate a strategically agile corporation that can rapidly introduce and execute business initiatives, the management team must clearly define the role of information technology and revamp the technological infrastructure of the enterprise. A standardized and flexible architecture, with well-managed content, and advanced user management systems that help guide business processes are among the key components of Cisco's successful e-strategy, which they first implemented on a small scale between 1995-96, and today use to successfully affirm their corporate identity and brand image. Business-to-business e-commerce is the vanguard of the Internet revolution. ...read more.


Cisco Internal and External Technology Review Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco's Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet and most corporate, education, and government networks around the world. Cisco provides the broadest line of solutions for transporting data, voice, and video within buildings, across campuses, or around the world. Today, the Internet and computer networking are an essential part of business, learning and personal communications, and entertainment. Most messages or transactions passing over the Internet are carried quickly and securely through Cisco equipment. Cisco solutions ensure that networks both public and private operate with maximum performance, security, and flexibility. In addition, Cisco solutions are the basis for most large, complex networks used by corporations, public institutions, telecommunication companies, and are found in a growing number of medium-sized commercial enterprises. Cisco was founded in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company's inception, Cisco engineers have been prominent in advancing the development of IP- the basic language to communicate over the Internet and in private networks. The company's tradition of innovation continues today with Cisco creating leading products and key technologies that will make the Internet more useful and dynamic in the years ahead. These technologies include advanced routing and switching, voice and video over IP, optical networking, wireless, storage networking, security, broadband, and content networking. In addition to technology and product leadership, Cisco is recognized as an innovator in how business is conducted. The company has been a pioneer in using the Internet to provide customer support, sell products, offer training, and manage finances. Drawing upon the company's own Internet best practices and core-value of customer focus, Cisco has established the Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) dedicated to helping top business leaders transform their own businesses into e-businesses. (www.cisco.com) Cisco's e-commerce site is easy to navigate utilizing hyperlinks to areas of interest. Also available is a key word search engine to link customers to interested web pages. ...read more.


Cisco employees and partners can tailor a special Cisco version of My Yahoo! -- The user-configurable Web page fed by "push" technology and information agents. Cisco employees and partners use My Yahoo! to track industry news. In the next two years, the company will implement the Cisco All-Packet Network, or CAPNET. The company's intranet, extranet, and access network will be replaced with a multiservice-capable internetwork with additional IP virtual private networks (VPNs). "Conceptually it will look like an extranet and intranet over the Internet," says Huegen. "Internet connectivity for all remote locations will be based entirely on IP, via a VPN from a service provider with a Layer 3 network." Transition steps to CAPNET will include replacement of the global applications backbone in the USA with clear-channel DS3 and point-to-point IP. The move from ATM to IP is a major stepping-stone to CAPNET. Cisco will build and showcase Layer 2 capabilities that will enable applications to run over the network with improved quality, using QoS and policy-based management in the Cisco IOS(r) software to replace old-world methods of QoS, such as separate permanent virtual circuits (PVCs). "Our first step has been to build the network using the available carrier technology that meets our business requirements. We've designed it to provide IP services and QoS using CiscoAssure QoS Policy Manager, and we're integrating mission-critical services such as call-center and e-commerce traffic via IP," says Bell. "The next step is to move to carrier-provided IP VPN services, because we want to move away from being our own service provider." "We have always used our corporate network as a living lab and we're applying many lessons learned to implement best-of-breed e-commerce topologies," says Etterman. "E-commerce standards are not static; they're changing all the time and upping customer expectations. Besides selling its products and technologies, Cisco's competitiveness hinges on our ability to deploy a global, fully redundant, scalable, multiservice WAN, through which our customers get guaranteed QoS. ...read more.

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