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Commentary on different sites [OCR National]

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Singles to be advertised for sale on website: "Matt's CD Singles" http://www.newuksinglereleases.co.uk/ Validity: The search was effective as it was one of the first results that came up. It is also reliable as it gave me exactly the textual information that I wanted - which new tracks were released according to date. Although now the website isn't as valid as before, this is because it has not been updated since 11th August 2008, as stated on the Homepage: Trustworthiness: The website is clearly organised into the categories which the viewer wants and I recognise the tracks which are on the top hits. The website is also linked to, which means that it must be a trustworthy source - Date - 02/06/08 New {full} albums to be sold, HMV: URL: http://hmv.com/hmvweb/home.do Validity: Effective as it is one of the first ...read more.


Date - 02/06/08 AOL Music URL: http://music.aol.com/song/ Validity: Effective as it is sponsored by one of the world's biggest ISPs - AOL. It is also reliable as it has provided me with the exact in which the singles have come out on, for some tracks even providing the lyrics. Best of all, it allowed me to listen to the track before choosing to advertise it in order to think about target audience etc. Trustworthiness: The webpage appears to be updated constantly. On my second visit (15th Feb. 09), for example, the singles have been updated according to date - Date - 20/06/08 Picture to used on flyer URL: http://www.canaltecnia.com/comentarios/enviar/1037 Validity: The search was effective via Google Images; I could easily pick out the image that I thought would be best fit for an image to give viewers the idea that Downloadable Tunes is selling music. ...read more.


Date - 01/02/2008 'They will understand the implications of copyright': URL: http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/copyright/p01_uk_copyright_law Validity: Effective as it was the one of the first links from Google when I searched for 'copyright laws in UK'. It is also reliable because it provides dates as to when different laws relating to copyright have passed. Trustworthiness: It is certified and protected by copyright law which must also mean that is recognised by others as being valid in information, thus making it a trustworthy source. Date of information - April 2000. This may seem rather outdated but provides the fundamentals of copyright law, which, reading on Wikipedia, appear to have not changed. Certificates: Local Media: Graphics from Drawplus gallery: Pictures that I may used on Flyer/Newsletter - ?? ?? ?? ?? All material on in this document, text and images, are in compliance with the copyright law. Such will be explained in annotation form. ...read more.

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