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Communication in business.

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Task 4 Communication Communication is a vital process in which the company needs to take part in to make the company run smoothly. There are a lot of different ways to communicate through a business. They are put into two main categories these are: - * Oral communication * Written communication Oral communication is where you either speak face-to-face like an interview or it could be just a basic telephone call. Oral communication is the quickest way communicate but this does not mean that it is the most reliable way. Written communication is where you write down the information. This could be a quick process but also a very slow process as it can take days for a letter to go through but then there is e-mail which sense straight away. Written communication is probably the most reliable source of communication because it gets to the occupier with out having to pass through nobody. Methods of communication Written - The use of the written work and numbers in memos, reports, the agenda and minutes of meetings, letters telex and fax. Oral- Use of the spoken work in conversation, giving instruction, meeting, tape records, radio, telephone. Advantages of written communication Written communication can use words, and figures or a combination of both. ...read more.


The disadvantage of using the letter method for the communication is that it takes time to get delivered and also sometime the postman has problems putting wrong letters to the different addresses. Also letters can get lost in the post in the sorting office. * If they need to send the customer information pack on up coming products they would probably use e-mail as most people are connected to the Internet. The advantages of using this method are that it is a quick, reliable and also convenient of written communication. Once you have sent the e-mail it is saved in the (sent items) folder, which means that you can access the same e-mail again for evidence if you want. The disadvantages are that the Internet is down and it works slowly and the e-mail you write doesn't get there fast. It is not a good way of communicating because you wouldn't exactly get you're reply back as quicker than a telephone because you don't weather the user you are sending it to is online or not. * If the company (Boots) wants to advertise their products they can communicate with customers through advertising on television. The benefits of this are that it is very formal and the viewers get the chance to see the product and get a picture of how it is like in their mind. ...read more.


Human Resources Human Resources Human resources would communicate with the human resources department to discuss who will take the interview, they would use the telephone method to communicate with each other. This method is quick and the reply will come back to you quickly. You don't need to wait for the reply. E-mail is another way of communicating. This is a very good way of communicating because it is fast and efficient. It's likely to get a response in a few minutes time depending on if the user is on line or not. Marketing I.T The marketing department may communicate to the I.T department because they may need posters or banners to be made on the computer to look more attractive. The way they can communicate with each other is through E-mail or Telephone and Fax. These are very good ways of communicating. Marketing Finance Marketing department would communicate with the finance department to ask them how much money they are getting for the new product that has been invented. They can talk face-to-face and get the result of what the finance department says, or they can e-mail each other to communicate. The third way they can communicate is by telephone, which is another good way of communicating because you get the reply straight away. You don't need to wait for the reply. Waseem Hussain ...read more.

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