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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3654

Communication is about sending and receiving information. Employees, managers and departments communicate with each other every day in business.

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ASSIGNMENT 3 UNIT 1B COMMNUICATION Communication is about sending and receiving information. Employees, managers and departments communicate with each other every day in business. Good communication is vital for the efficient running of a business. Effective communication will only happen if information is sent, received and then understood. Here are some examples of information and methods of communicating in business: * Information on how to fill out forms in a memo. * Verbal comments made by a manager to an employee. * Employment details given to a new employee on a written contract. * Information on sales figures. * Face to face negotiations between management and employee representatives. * A group meeting to take place. * An advertisement. Communication within a business can take many forms. There are however some common features of all communications that take place. Information must be received and understood by the person or group to whom it was sent. Communication can take place between managers and employees, as well as between representative bodies, such as trade unions. Information is also passed on to people and organizations outside the company. For communications to be effective the correct message must be sent and received. Messages can be sent for a number of reasons. * To provide information about the company. * To give instructions. * To persuade people to change their attitudes or behaviour. Information can be communicated in a variety of ways or through different communication media. These vary from written methods, such as annual reports, to oral methods such as telephone. Here is a list of the different types of communication a business might use. Written communication The letter is a flexible method which provides a written record. It is often use for communications with others around the organisation. It can be used internally where a confidential written record is needed. Memorandum A Memorandum is the same as a letter but it is only used internally. ...read more.


with other departments it will use methods like telephone, fax and the Warburtons intranet. Product Development This department is in charge and involved in developing and improving their products, which they sell, whether it aims to improve ingredients of an existing product or create a new one. It could mean that they are improving the ingredients or packaging or even creating a new product. When they are considering improving an existing product they will look at complaints received from customers, which they will receive from communicating with the customer service department. When the product development department communicates internally with one another it will be oral so they can discuss their ideas in a group and get instant feedback. When communicating with the customers and other departments (externally) it will use telephones, email, fax and probably the Intranet. Van Sale Driver This involves delivering orders from the factory where the product is baked to the supermarket shelves and independent stores like cash and carries. This is the crucial part of the working team. If it fails the company will lose their money and a load of bread will go to waste. The van department or van drivers communicate with Warburtons through oral and visual communication so they can clearly receive instructions on where to deliver the bread too. When they are traveling for example delivering the bread it will be able to communicate with using mobile phones, pagers etc. Sales Development This team involves selling their products to the supermarket e.g.) ASDA, Safeway, Tesco etc, and making sure that they close the deal. Also they have to make sure that the bread is on the supermarket shelves on time. This again is a crucial job because they are the ones who sell the bread. They have to promise the supermarkets that the bread will arrive at their supermarket on time and in perfect condition. The sales development team will communicate when selling the products to customers like ASDA by oral and visual communication because that how business sales are done. ...read more.


They will also receive complaints from letters, email and fax, they will probably reply to the customer in that way to. Customer service department will communicate internally by using the telephone, fax visual and oral communication and the intranet to communicate with other departments. Finance The finance department is extremely important probably the most important departments for Dixon's. It is in charge of the money in the business. They also have to keep note of the incomings and outgoings of the financial side of Dixon's. Dixon's must have a good finance department as if they don't they could see a decrease in profits, or in extreme cases, go bankrupt. The finance department show their shareholders, or potential shareholders, how they are doing. The do this in the annual report. Dixon's finance department will use different methods of communication. When communicating internally it will use face to face communication, telephones, intranet, fax etc. when communicating externally it will use methods such as telephone, e-mail, fax, videoconferencing etc. If Dixon's wanted to communicate with others outside of the business e.g. the customers or potential suppliers than they are a number of methods they could use. They could put up signs or posters in stores, there Internet website or have staff in stores could make customers aware. The effectiveness and efficiency of Dixon's communication ensures that it will remain the market leader in Europe. Each department knows what form of communication would best suit the message that needs to be sent. They also know how to receive messages from other departments. Although Dixon's is such a large business they can still communicate effectively which can be a problem in some bigger businesses. There are little barriers to communication in either Dixon's or Warburtons. One of the reasons for this is because they have well trained employees. Another reason is because each company has departments, which work well together. Communication is the key to success if a business is to survive it must have superb communication skills. 11111 CRAIG MOGG 11S ASSIGNMENT3 UNIT1B MR HILL PAGE 1 ...read more.

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