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Communication Theories

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  • Essay length: 2153 words
  • Submitted: 20/02/2008
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GCSE Communications

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"Communication is a dynamic process that individuals use to exchange ideas, relate experiences, and share desires through speaking, writing, gestures or sign language." (Glenn et al, 1998, p.39) The ways in which individuals communicate are vast and endless; some dating back to 1970 like the Critical Theory, to more modern technological ways of Computer-Mediated Communication, and more are being developed. This essay will aim to explore 3 of the many ways in which people communicate: Interpersonal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication and E-mail in Computer-Mediated Communication. The information was sourced from books, journals and a website.

Interpersonal Communication:

Interpersonal communication is "Communication between two persons or among a small group of persons, communication of a personal nature, communication between or among connected persons or those involved in a close relationship." (DeVito, 2007, p.334) Interpersonal communication generally occurs face-to-face.

Interpersonal communication involves at least two persons. Each person performs source functions (i.e. creates and sends messages) and performs receiver functions (i.e. gathers and understands the messages). This is called the source-receiver complex and it emphasises that both functions are performed by each individual in interpersonal communication.

"Interpersonal communication is best viewed as an ever-changing process."

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