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GCSE: Communications

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  1. Peer reviewed

    History of the Internet

    4 star(s)

    1965 Ted Nelson invents the term Hypertext to describe links to other texts embedded in a text. 25 years later Tim Berners-Lee makes hypertext available to all network users with his World Wide Web project. 1969 In April, 1969, the first RFC (Request for Comments) document, which launches a series of technical publications about the Internet, is realised. The installation of the first node of ARPANET was done on 2 September 1969. By the end of 1969 the network consisted of four Honeywell DDP-516 minicomputers each with 12K of memory, connected by 50Kbps leased lines.

    • Word count: 2648
  2. I will describe a short formal document using order form as one of my examples.

    This will be kept for evidence for the supplier if anything might happen. A purchase order usually contains: PO number, phone number, name of customer, shipping date, billing address, shipping address, terms of payment and a list of services/products, often including description or part numbers of the items to be purchased, with quantities and prices. When accepted by the seller, it forms an agreement between the buyer and seller. Order forms are often used by business. Audience type The audience type for order form (short formal document)

    • Word count: 2228
  3. What are the issues raised by ICT?

    In the U.S, a big brother style system has caused a stir amongst the U.S citizens. The system uses a technique known as Data Mining and the U.S insists that it will ensure greater security to all the American people. The system is so powerful that anything that anyone does can be recorded and checked to ensure that all are good citizens and are law abiding. The U.S government uses Total Awareness Systems which aim to use some of the techniques above in order to track down foreign terrorists.

    • Word count: 2441
  4. ICT CMS

    formulas, the spreadsheet will help the manager calculate the profits gained using complex formulas, macros and graphs and it will help compare the profit gained between last year and this year using charts. Another alternative is using a database, the database will help record stocks in an organised way, which will be easy to view and store data. The third and final alternative is using FrontPage and creating a website which will contain Tables, charts, surveys and questionnaires which will be useful because it will help the A.G Cafe manager find out more about his customers and the products they prefer or dislike.

    • Word count: 2475
  5. Digital communications

    Dial up using the ISP software; 2. a modem converts the signals from your computer so that it can travel along the telecommunications line to your ISP; 3. The ISP provides a connection to the Internet. ISP - Internet Service Provider An ISP sells Internet access to companies or individuals. The ISP provides web servers which connect to the Internet. Services Provided by an ISP * A variety of bandwidth options; * An email service with virus protection, which allows users to send and receive email; * A web hosting service which allows users to upload their own web pages; * Online and telephone assistance.

    • Word count: 2885
  6. Report On Satellite Communications

    used in order to offer constant coverage.LEO satellites are in the distance of 200-3000km from the earth surface and its propagation delay (20-25 ms)is desirable compared with GSO and MEO. So every types includes some pros and cons. Although satellites impact on all the fields and everyday life especially the uses of satellites are in the telecommunications such as international calls, cellular phone calls,TV,Radio,Fax and so on.Navigation satellites are used for the navigator in the domestic vehicles. Weather reach centres use the satellites for predict the weather and space researches are also researched by the satellites so these are able to make the maps of the planets and others.

    • Word count: 2690
  7. Ict and an adult with disability

    We interviewed him about the technologies used in his life and involved with his disability. His answering machine is very useful to him because without it he is pretty much unemployed due to all the business he would miss out on. If he cannot answer the phone in time, it takes his calls and saves them in a high quality format so he can listen to what items people phone in and order. If he missed these then a lot less transactions would take place and a lot of business would be lost, decreasing profits by a large amount.

    • Word count: 2303
  8. Affects Of ICT

    The World * Advantages - The advantages of using World Wide Web is that it is an easy way to sell online and buy things online. With World Wide Web you can buy and sell thing on the internet. * Disadvantages - The disadvantage of using the World Wide Web is that it's not always true and that some websites can be biased, like a phone company trying to sell you a mobile. Using the World Wide Web could also give you viruses, like if you visit an iffy site.

    • Word count: 2192
  9. Unit 3a The Impact of ICT on myself

    My Cyber-shot is also capable of recording video and voice clips. The camera is lightweight and ultra-compact for easy handling. b) How does it meet my needs? I have a need to not forget past memories, these memories could be from meeting family relatives to having fun with friends. My Cyber-shot does meet my needs as it captures my memories as images, videos or voice clips. Allowing me to transfer my media to my computer means that I can store the media to view/listen over the years hence I wouldn't forget important past memories.

    • Word count: 2567
  10. Investigation of Two Different Organisations' use of ICT

    I particularly worked on a school project in which building a new school from scratch. Using ICT in Babcock Infrastructure Services The employees at Babcock Infrastructure Services use ICT in many different ways, and it is a big part in the everyday running of the organisation. Computers are used for designing purposes, creation of work related documents and communication with clients. Software used in Babcock Infrastructure Services Mechanical and structural engineers in the organisation use AutoCAD 2007 to design the basic structure and mechanics of buildings, finding out the area of rooms and sizes of specific features being used such as floor type, wall type etc.

    • Word count: 2003
  11. Impact of ICT on the way Students do things at home and at college/school

    Types of USB Connectors Currently, there are four types of USB connectors: Type A, Type B, mini-A and mini-B and are supported by the different USB specifications (USB 1, USB 2 and USB-OTG). USB A (Host) Often referred to as the downstream connector, the Type A USB connector is rectangular in shape and is the one you use to plug into the CPU or USB hub. USB B (Device) Also called the upstream connector; the Type B USB connector is more box-shaped and is the end that attaches directly to the device (such as a printer or digital camera).

    • Word count: 2255
  12. Puposes unit 2

    The hotel should offer high service levels to satisfy the customers. This way the customers might return to visit the hotel again maybe bringing along friends and family or passing recommendation around. Activities for which the hotel uses ICT * Booking system * Check in * Key system * Yield management * Guest history * Restaurant billing * Minibar * Building management * Video (& TV) * Modem connections * Telephone * Check out * Housekeeping & maintenance * Toilet auto flush Detailed description of a booking system A booking system must make it possible to see which rooms are available and which rooms are not.

    • Word count: 2749
  13. I.T Evaluation of Hardware

    I used attractive colours and word art to achieve a poster that would attract many customers. The variation in fonts stood out in the poster and the pictures I used on the poster were appropriate and were related to entertainment. The aim was to advertise the new re-opening shop and this was achieved as people from around the area, came to the shop and purchased items. The manager of the 'The CD Factory' was pleased with poster and is considering using the same poster to open another shop in another location; however he will change the location details on the poster.

    • Word count: 2384
  14. ICT in an oragnization

    Other companies in the group were Associated Dairies Ltd, the furniture retailer MFI and Allied Carpets. After the sale of MFI and Allied Carpets the company name changed to ASDA Group plc. The dairy division was sold to Northern Foods plc, meaning that ASDA today has no connection with the firm its name was derived from. The company went through a troubled period in the early 1990s, but was then revived under the leadership of Archie Norman, who later became a front bench Conservative MP.

    • Word count: 2190
  15. How ICT has affected my life at home or school

    As well as writing I can also add pictures to my work by using clipart. Clipart allows me to add pictures to my work and it has a search bar which makes it easier for me to look for which type of picture I want. Word art Is an application that allows users to add special effects to text. It can be used for posters, banners, brochures, business cards and such. Clip art and Word art are a great combination when it comes to attracting people's attention.

    • Word count: 2649
  16. The impact of ICT in the local community

    In some parts of the borough, Neighbourhood Watch has been introduced to prevent crimes in the area. The roads are made safer as there are many traffic lights as well as zebra crossings. Moreover, speed bumps have been placed in non-main roads, particularly if there is a school nearby to reduce speed of vehicles, which in turn reduces accidents caused to pedestrians. Also, there are many youth clubs and after school clubs to lessen youth crime and to keep them off the streets after schools, but not many people attend them, mainly teenager because they are "lame".

    • Word count: 2593
  17. Report 3A: Impact of the ICT on the way you do things at home and at school/ college.

    The disadvantages of email: * Viruses may get sent to you through emails * Internet connecters are expensive * Connection to the internet can be very slow if your telephone line is really slow * People may hack into your email and change your password and get hold of your personal details. How does email help me at home personally? At home I need to talk to my friends and send them information of where we are going out and where it is.

    • Word count: 2490
  18. ICT Report 3A

    > Multicasting - more than one programme can be broadcasted on one channel at the simultaneously. > Interactive electronic programme guides allow the user to check what is on and make plans to watch something later. > Good image and sound quality helps to maintain an entertaining atmosphere. > Excellent pastime. > Wide variety of genres in both games and films. Disadvantages > There are few unresolved picture defects within digital television which were also present in analogue television. > Games console hardware is difficult to upgrade and so a new system must be obtained to get a better experience, very costly.

    • Word count: 2500
  19. INTERNET &WWW REPORT Impact on Business

    If computers at a number of installations were connected then files and data could be transferred a lot quicker through electronic links rather than by courier or mail service. (James, 1999). The government funded Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) created Arpanet in 1969 to allow military and government computer installations performing research to communicate over phone lines. Arpanet started off with four computers networked together and this set up was destined to become the original model for the internet. (James, 1999).

    • Word count: 2466

    The cargo service offered by British Airways is the worlds fifth-largest cargo airline and transports over 740 million kilos of freight, mail and courier traffic each year. (Internet site 1). British Airways is known for their First Class Travel and have a variety of on-board product and services such as: First * First airline to introduce a flat bed * Introduction of DVD players * Noise reducing headsets World Traveller Plus * Personal entertainment system in the seat * 17 interactive games * In-seat laptop power point and an individual phone * Double hand baggage allowance British Airways is a

    • Word count: 2781
  21. How technolgy effects a disabled person

    * He can change the voice to male or female. * He can have a novice verbose mode. * He also likes the onscreen navigational musical tones. * He can sit back and listen to the voice and relax. * As the voice goes on the next line a different musical note happens to tell him he has gone down a line. * He likes how the musical note changes up and down when he moves the curser around left and right or up and down. He has had the LookOUT screen reader for a while now so he knows how to use it properly so he can do these things as well: * He can format and

    • Word count: 2566

    Internal Communication is communication that takes place indoors e.g. between colleagues or members of staff. It includes verbal communication, e-mail, memos, intercom via telephones, computer network, notices and messages, and through meetings. External communication is communication that takes place outdoors e.g. communicating with suppliers, banks and customers. It includes fax, telephone, mobile, pager, video conferencing, the Internet, e-mail, and through a computer network. Formal and Informal Communication Formal communication takes place when employees use official methods/channels the business has set to pass information.

    • Word count: 2091
  23. In this essay (assignment) I am going to explain how I use ICT in my life and what it gives and does

    The games on the internet actually have moving graphics and are very detailed so I find it more interesting. At school I use the internet to find out information for any subject which requires research. When I was not able to use the internet for research I used to look an encyclopaedia, which was a longer process and most of the time the words were to advanced for someone my age. It is very expensive to buy a children's encyclopaedia and it is also very difficult to find one in book shops and in libraries. The Internet provides many things from A-Z.

    • Word count: 2728
  24. Here are 3 ways of receiving internet broadband access. ISDN - ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a type of digital data and internet service

    A router can be then connected directly to an ISDN line providing the internet service on a LAN network. When you connect to the Internet, the router will automatically dial the server provider to establish the connection. There are different ways of using of using ISDN. While on one channel, you can talk and the second channel used for data transmittion or you can use both channel to obtain a high speed of 128Kilobite per second. Uses for ISDN at Home! With ISDN you can connect the home office from home. You can research via WWW and download various types of music.

    • Word count: 2250
  25. Impact of ICT on the way Students do things at home and at college/school.

    Some organizations may use the Internet protocols for internal e-mail service. Advantages: The advantages of E-Mail are that the messages are quick and easy to send (within seconds you can send and receive E-Mail); they are great for socialising, personal and work related needs and is also ideal for communicating to people over long range distances. E-Mail can be sent anywhere in the world and best of all...It is completely free over the personal Computer (Hotmail, Yahoo mail, G-Mail etc).

    • Word count: 2066

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  • Discuss the factors determining network specification for a small business.

    "In conclusion, if cost is your main issue and you are not too concerned about the flexibility of your network, a wired LAN is probably the best option. However, the cost of building and implementing a wireless network is decreasing as technology becomes more advanced, so is definitely worth considering if prepared to pay a small amount more. Security on both types of networks is moderate - ultimately, regardless of whether you go for wireless or wired, your network will be as secure as you are prepared to make it, with the introduction of firewalls etc. Both type of networks perform well and are generally similar in terms of reliability, although it is important to be aware of problems with newer hardware. Installing a wired network is more time consuming and costly, due to amendments to furniture/walls to accommodate cabling."

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