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GCSE: Communications

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  • Peer Reviewed essays 37
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  1. Marked by a teacher

    ICT Evaluation of my materials produced for a "Get Moving" health campaign.

    4 star(s)

    To change my character in my logo to teenager from a man I would use adobe illustrator. I would make the character shorter, clothe him with shorts and have him holding a mp3 player with earphones plugged in as this is the stereotypical teenager, doing this would make it easy for my target audience to relate to the project and logo. Multimedia quiz My quiz is suited to its audience (teenagers; 14-19 year olds) as the questions asked are hard enough that a child from primary school won?t know the answer and easy enough for an adult to answer.

    • Word count: 3132
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Using ICT for Communication, Data, Commerce and Entertainment

    3 star(s)

    Email: Advantage: E-mail is an online correspondence system. With e-mail you can send and receive instant electronic messages, which work like writing letters. Your messages are delivered instantly to people anywhere in the world, unlike traditional mail that takes a lot of time. Email is free and easy to use, I use email when I done my school work then I send the work to my email so I can open it at school and download the attachment. My family use email by reading newsletters they have received from the community.

    • Word count: 3481

    ICT in Tesco Stores There are four main areas of the company: * Sales * Purchasing * Finance * Operations Sales Involving the sale or distribution of the goods needed by Tesco. Sales in Tesco People can shop two ways in Tesco. Either by walking around the shop and getting what they need they can go online and order it and then have it delivered to them. This was of shopping is a lot less time consuming for the customer and this makes Tesco very popular because they offer a home delivery service when you do online shopping.

    • Word count: 5225
  4. Powerpoint technical Report

    In case of any copyright issues, I have made sure I have recognised the origin of the video, in my presentation. Step 2 Once I had completed this, I wrote down what information each individual slide should contain, and the order each slide should go in, in Microsoft word: I did this because it allowed me to have the chance to analyse the amount of information on each slide, and to check if the correct data was present. It also gave me the ability to understand the order in which my slides should follow, and to make sure they followed each other smoothly, before actually creating my presentation.

    • Word count: 3492
  5. Comparing documents

    Coffee control has a header since it is part of their house style. All three organisations have included footer with their contact details in. JJPC have put their footer in the bottom left, whereas Coffee Control and Wessex water have put it in the middle. JJPC's footer includes their address, telephone number, fax number, website and email address. Nevertheless coffee control has included the same as JJPC's but do not have a website. Yet, Wessex Water has included their address, telephone number and fax number. JJPC's footer is undersized and dim, whereas Wessex Water and Coffee Control's are understandable, because it is legible.

    • Word count: 4330
  6. Me, Myself and I.C.T

    This meets my needs by improving the quality of my education, I am able to see easily and I can get involved more as it is interactive. HL6050D Brother Printers We can print off any of work at any time. We can do homework at home and send it to school and print off at school. This printer will print off black and white at school we also have a coloured printer. Printing can make your work look more professional and can keep your work for further reference.

    • Word count: 4771
  7. using ICT to communicate

    The leaflet tells customers about all the different facilities the bank offers; this is one of HSBC's main aims. By using this leaflet HSBC want customers to know what the bank offers; this is not the only purpose of the leaflet, as they also want more potential customers joining the bank by making them aware of the range of services they provide. This is they key purpose of the leaflet, making the public aware about the facilities HSBC provide, and attracting potential customers. By no means is the leaflet fit for its purpose as it shows people beyond the standard bank accounts and talks about all their extra services.

    • Word count: 6607
  8. Free essay

    information age

    The advantage of using a written communication, is that the written message don't have to be delivered on time, instead they can be edited and can be saved several times. Also when sending the message you can save the message permanently so you can keep reviewing it and having appropriate feedback. For this reason its better if business have there communication in written due to the fact that they have important facts and figures. The disadvantage of having a communication as written is that you won't get a quick reply, also people may not always read them, another disadvantage is they people might find it impersonal and may read the written work in the wrong way.

    • Word count: 4770
  9. ICT in a business

    Human resources deal with the training, employment, health and safety and discuss with unions/workers. Training is when the workers learn how to do the job. Employment is when the have to hire the right people for the job. Finance Finance keeps a record of all money coming in and going out of the business. They have responsibility for securing finances for future increase and paying staff and suppliers. They keep a detailed record of the money coming in and going out.

    • Word count: 3447
  10. OCR GCSE Business & Communication Task 7 Report

    Problems: I experienced numerous problems within my logo. A problem I experienced was making my overall look stay professional. I had to keep my work all lined up in certain pieces, such as Business Card and Compliments Slip to keep it professional and appealing. I had to also keep a consistent layout and colours throughout my work. I resolved these problems by asking for help with my teacher and using my past experience to help change and improve my work. For example, to change my pixilation problem I had to transfer my work into publisher and down size my font.

    • Word count: 18960
  11. Ict ocr unit 8 ao1

    Businesses rely quite heavily on email because of the speed of message delivery, ease and simplicity. If businesses did not have access to the facility of email, it is very likely that they would not be able to function because they would not be able to send and receive the information, which they need to function. Email can help people become organized because people can access address books, which people can input email addresses, phone/mobile numbers, home addresses, pictures and other details. There are also calendars which people can enter appointments, meeting etc into and also synchronize with mobile calendars which can be very useful.

    • Word count: 4257
  12. ICT Systems in Everyday Life: Your Local Community

    One of the good ways to reduce these crimes and to have a control on them is to use some security alarms in homes, using CCTVs in shops and other public service areas. Using more CCTVs and alarms in homes and shops and other places help to control crime and reduces the crime rate without having need to much more police officers in the roads and there hence paying them all. It's beneficial for the local community's economy to have more visitors and attract more people to the area, and one way to do this is to have more entertainment areas and places like cinemas, clubs, game clubs, snooker clubs, leisure centres and some other areas.

    • Word count: 13803
  13. special needs

    Maria is the receptionist at the South Woodford branch, she needs the assistance of ICT and modern enhanced technology so that her work is easier for her and thus, in this report I will be writing about two categories of technologies Maria korelli utilizes to fulfill numerous of tasks on a daily basis, the category is then subdivided to the actual technology made use of which enables a particular requirement to be achieved. These tasks can vary from accessing the World Wide Web through web browsers which is the form of internet technology or communicating via Mobile phones which is a communication technology.

    • Word count: 9109
  14. ict- Ao2a

    I will ask them all the questions to get the information that I need. The reason why I will use this method is because it is likely to be correct and trustworthy as I will be getting it from a primary source. Creating a logo and a slogan for the travel agency I can create the logo and the slogan by hand using a paper and a pencil/pen and then scanning it on the computer but I will not do this because it will take too long and also because it is most likely to be scruffy compared to a computer drawn.

    • Word count: 3532
  15. Bussines and Communication Systems

    At the end of my report, I s Section 2a: Objectives of Internal and External Communications (Processes of Communication) There are many objectives of an internal and external communications contained in an organisation. Internal communication is in a business company or in other words they occur within the communication i.e. between a manager and employee or between a manager and a supervisor. It can take place in various actions/directions: Up a hierarchy chain, along a hierarchy chain and downwards a hierarchy chain. There is also another type of communication called grapevine. This includes an informal way such as having a coffee together friends working together.

    • Word count: 3888
  16. GNVQ ICT: unit 7 presenting information multimedia individual work

    I got information from both IT and non-IT sources. I went through newspapers and leaflets on drug information. I researched on both IT and non-IT sources. I got information from the internet through websites based on drug addiction which gave me background knowledge to put in different slides of my presentation and from the library, leaflets, newspapers and the images from the internet and the clipart. It was important for me to compose original text because my presentation must be in my own words so that the information should be understood and readable for my targeted audience.

    • Word count: 5071
  17. ICT Final Project (complete)

    How do you currently think that data will be collected? * The Internet. * Information from the travel agent about their rates. What do you currently think the outputs of your system will be? * On-screen output. * Numerical output. * Printout Project Proposal Form Index Analysis 4 Design 11 Implementation 22 Testing 52 Evaluation 67 User Guide 71 Analysis Identification Who is the Real User? Mr Smith is the owner of an independent travel agency; they cater to people who wish to go abroad, providing long and short hall flights.

    • Word count: 5603
  18. ict ocrnational unit 2 - creating website

    * Rollover Buttons * Javascript * Online feedback form with a submit button * Page Template & CSS House Style Colour Scheme These are the final colours which will be used on the website because they are easy and simple. They are not too harsh or bright but at the same time they are not boring. It will give the website a professional look therefore giving it a good corporate image. This is important because the user will in turn feel that the company is trustworthy.

    • Word count: 5352
  19. Free essay

    Impact of ICT in Community

    Mary was born with a perfect eye sight but later on her life she lost her eyesight. I will have to describe and evaluate how he or she uses technologies within her life. I will have to find out what technologies Mary uses in her Personal, Social and Work Related. For doing this I will need to write a description of each technology and cover at least three categories which meet their special/particular needs. I will then need to decide whether the technology is personal, social or work related or does the technology come under all three categories.

    • Word count: 11814
  20. The impact of ICT on an adult in employment

    He can have an alarm to remind him of important dates several days prior, or on the day. Another advantage for using a PDA as an organising system is that he would not have to worry about carrying a pen with him - the stylus, which is included with the PDA, serves as the perfect tool for working with the touch-screen interface; and, of course, does not need ink. Evaluating how the technology meets his needs The PDA is much more practical than the conventional pen and paper.

    • Word count: 3311
  21. ICT - Impact of ICT on the way Students do things at home and at school.

    Interface and modern motherboards come with at least 5 USB ports nowadays. Floppy Diskettes have rapidly declined in use, after have being dominated by the development of Portable hard drives. Being flimsy and easily corruptible, it has the capacity of 1.44MB (only enough for a few pictures and documents) and so are inadequate for large or complex files. On the next page I will display a table comparing different attributes of each storage media. The table will depict the advantages and disadvantages of each one compared to another.

    • Word count: 4851
  22. Full Course howard health centre

    This program has many tools and features so the user is able to create exciting images. This showed it was the best photo editing software to use in sync with Microsoft publisher. But on the down side the software could cost up �700 for the professional editions which is quite expensive for small businesses. It is also quite complicated which may need training to use the more exciting and complicated features. Microsoft word- This is an alternative method which is quite complicated it involves the internet language html. But this is a time consuming method which can only be used by experts and professionals. But it is mainly used for creating and editing documents and letters.

    • Word count: 8789
  23. How ICT effects a Company

    Asda has seven main objectives they wish to achieve, these are * To have a friendly and effective customer interface * To manage customer data * To communicate effectively with customers * To find new customers * To analyse customer trends * To process customer online orders and payments * To communicate effectively with other members of the organisation If Asda do not reach these objectives then they will not attract new customers and the customers that shop with them will leave which means not as many sales so not as much profit.

    • Word count: 3199
  24. Report on an ICT system and how it meets the Organisation's needs

    The Handheld Terminal is very versatile. It is shock and vibration protected which is really useful as the shop floor is a very busy and a worker could easily get knocked and drop it on the floor. It can also operate at low and high temperatures. This is good as if a worker wants to check the stock in the frozen food section then they can still easily operate without the worry of it crashing under low temperatures. Having a strong Handheld Terminal Marks & Spencers don't have to worry about replacing broken machines with new ones.

    • Word count: 3671
  25. ICT web design research.

    Some of these include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Konqueror. You also need an ISP (internet service provider) account to go on the internet. When your browsing the internet you don't usually go straight to a website so you use a search engine (a web site that can systematically searches every web site that contains your search criteria). The history of search engines is quite short. Search engines add a whole new depth to research, but before these were around people used to use things like encyclopaedias as well as other things.

    • Word count: 3648

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  • Discuss the factors determining network specification for a small business.

    "In conclusion, if cost is your main issue and you are not too concerned about the flexibility of your network, a wired LAN is probably the best option. However, the cost of building and implementing a wireless network is decreasing as technology becomes more advanced, so is definitely worth considering if prepared to pay a small amount more. Security on both types of networks is moderate - ultimately, regardless of whether you go for wireless or wired, your network will be as secure as you are prepared to make it, with the introduction of firewalls etc. Both type of networks perform well and are generally similar in terms of reliability, although it is important to be aware of problems with newer hardware. Installing a wired network is more time consuming and costly, due to amendments to furniture/walls to accommodate cabling."

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