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GCSE: Communications

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  1. What is the Internet?

    The system that contains the data is called the host, while the computers at which users sit and retrieve data and information called the terminal. When a host is connected to a TCP/IP network, it has a unique IP address. IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. A wide area network can be seen below: From the diagram, the computers or hosts are connected in a local area network and which are connected to a router.

    • Word count: 1476
  2. Designing a Web Page

    1. Newspapers (Dawn, News and Nation) 2. Magazines (Cricketer, Cricket Talk, Dawn Review and Cricketer International) 3. Websites (www.thatscricket.com, www.dawn.com, www.totalcricket.com and www.supersport.co.za) * Netscape Composer and Front Page 2001 Netscape composer comes with the software of Netscape Communicator which includes Netscape Browser, Netscape Mail etc. Front Page comes with Microsoft Office. I used Front Page 2001 which comes with Microsoft Office XP 2001 as it is the latest version. These two programs are used to make web pages. They are very simple and easy to use.

    • Word count: 1528
  3. The Social and Economic Effects of I.C.T

    The Internet is basically a big chain in which people can join themselves to by logging on. The Internet is capable of processing and transferring information from one computer to another in seconds. These are only some of the programs that have been used within companies to produce documents for advertising etc. but this is not all that computers are used for. Computers are also used to store data such as financial, economic, employee and customer information. Although it seems risky to allow companies to hold your personal information, you can feel safe due to the Data Protection Act amended by the British government in 1998.

    • Word count: 1614
  4. E-Commerce Web-Sites Report Case Study

    Click it, and you are taken to a screen where you may save several things up, and buy them at once later, or delete something things from your shopping list, and then see the total. From there it's just a quick click to the "checkout" where you must sign up as a member, or enter your password if you've already shopped there before. Range of Products To say that amazon.co.uk has a broad range of products would be the understatement of the year.

    • Word count: 2046
  5. A description of how effectively different areas of the business communicate

    * between departments, levels of authority, equals Methods of communication Oral: * Meetings * Conversation * Formal interview * Telephone * Answering a customer inquiry * Leaving a message, voicemail Writing: * Letter * Memorandum * Quotes * Catalogues * Adverts * Notices Information technology: * Intranet * E-mail (internal/external) * Websites * Fax * Teleconferencing Internal Communication Internal communication is used within a business to communicate between different departments. External Communication This form of communication is used so that people within a business can communicate with people outside of the business such as suppliers, customers and the public.

    • Word count: 1011
  6. Mail Merge.

    names companies, names of people, and addresses and so on. The Mail Merge letter that I produced was specifically for customers of the company. The letter was written to tell past customers about our new offer. This helps the company as it gets word out quickly about the offers instead of the customers having to find out later.

    • Word count: 303
  7. The Internet

    As more and more computers connected, the APARNET was replaced by the NSFNET in1985, which was run by the National Science Foundation. NSFNET is a series of networks for research and education communication. Based on ARPANET protocols, the NSFNET created a national backbone service, provided free to any U.S. research and educational institution. At the same time, regional networks were created to link individual institutions with the national backbone service. NSFNET grew rapidly as people discovered its potential, and as new software applications were created to make access easier.

    • Word count: 884
  8. Is the Internet A Useful or Evil Tool?

    Another device on the Internet is "Chat Rooms." However there are dangers with chat rooms too. Sometimes unscrupulous adults make contact with young people and arrange to meet, intending to harm the young people in some way, usually sexually. Recently this has highlighted in a episode of "Coronation Street," and a young girl was on her way to the airport to fly to America to meet a boy she had made contact with via a chat room. Also her parents had no idea where she was I know that many argue that the Internet is very educational; I believe that the Internet is too educational.

    • Word count: 1690
  9. Business Communication Case Study : Oxfam

    The receivers then interpret the messages through a process of decoding. Below is the communication process: The leaky bucket theory The communication of information and ideas can be likened to transferring water by bucket from the tap in the house to parched plants in the garden. A 'good' bucket will not let any of the water escape, so you can carry out the job in an efficient way. However, many of us rely on leaky buckets. The more holes in the bucket and the further the distance from tap to flower bed, the less efficient the system will be.

    • Word count: 2622
  10. Marketing in the Mobile Phone Industry

    Independent suppliers for mobile telephones have classed Vodafone as the market leader for network service and the most technologically advanced with their telecommunications equipment. Growth with most of the mobile network suppliers have been tremendous - with Vodafone, we can see that almost every year, subscribers signing onto Vodafone has almost doubled. Within the retail section, Vodafone launched Vodafone Retail, and has over 280 outlets nationwide outside of the specialist mobile phone retailers. Vodafone has not only been supplying a quality network service to UK customers, but they have also had interests in countries such as Germany, South Africa, Australia and Greece.

    • Word count: 1778
  11. Why did Fleetwood grow?

    Many other people came to stay purely because of the fresh sea air and the tranquillity. A man named 'Peter Hesketh', who later received a knighthood because of his work, decided that Fleetwood would be a perfect location for a train station and rail network. The map that I have drawn, that should be with this work, shows why Fleetwood was a good location. The new rail network, linking with other towns and cities, brought many working class people to Fleetwood. This meant the area had to be developed. A new railway company was launched, named 'Preston & Wyre'.

    • Word count: 546
  12. The Internet Generation

    As with all things connected to computers the answer lies with speed. No I am not talking about the latest g-whiz ISDN connection but instead about the velocity with which the Internet was introduced to us. Six years ago the majority of the country didn't even have a computer let alone have access to the net, but now both computers and the Internet have become essential to everyday life for us, the so-called Internet generation. The first place I turned to when looking for inspiration for an oral topic was of course the Internet.

    • Word count: 859
  13. Discuss the impact of the Internet and mobile phones upon our lives and outline the advantages and disadvantages of these forms of communications and technology’

    Entertainment is a purpose used a lot by kid's e.g. playing games. The Internet has a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages are, you can get information from the Internet in hurry. When you have nothing to do you can pass your time on the Internet. Shopping online is a big advantage and by shopping online you can pay your bills online as well. Internet banking has the potential to provide a useful service to customers and banks alike. "There are dozens of technologies which may be used for communication on the Internet.

    • Word count: 1239
  14. ICT as a marketing tool

    Internet Madonna has been producing music for twenty years and done a pretty good job making millions of pounds. Also over twenty years technology has changed making artist more money but also costing them more money. Madonna is a big name and has a large record company Warner Bros. behind her. If you were looking for either of the two names on the internet the search engine will come back with hundreds of results. So an advanced search was used to find out about Madonna and albums released through Warner Bros. There are various web sites produced by different companies.

    • Word count: 707
  15. An Investigation Into Business Communication

    These can only be done with support from every member of staff and help from suppliers. With poor conditions of interaction in a business, nothing will be achieved. For example, if an order placed through requested a certain amount of an item and the order came through with less than required, then you'll have a weary customer. This would damage the business' reputation and trust from the customer. With perfect or adequate communication between staff, problems like these are certain not to happen. There are several ways how people and businesses interact with each other. Here are a few of these methods.

    • Word count: 2244
  16. Communication - differnent types of document creating software

    a web authoring package that is designed to allow you to create web pages and web sites * Resizing ? alter the size of an image * Rotating ? moving * Shearing ? putting two images together to make an optical illusion * Cropping ? removing parts you don?t want * Editing- changing or correcting 5 features of a PPT that could NOT be used in a written report 1. Audio 2. Images 3. Sound 4. Colours 5. Animations Spell check is used to highlight incorrect spellings so they can be corrected .Compares words entered with words in a dictionary.

    • Word count: 782
  17. Topic 2 Exchanging Information - forms of communication with their advantages and disadvantages.

    * Can send them at any time, day or night * Good for informal messages * Good for helping friends and family keep in touch * Only short messages can be sent * Needs basic typing skills * Text speak spills over into written school work and formal communication. * Fast * Cheap * No internet needed Instant Messaging (IM) A system for exchanging typed electronic messages instantly via the Internet or a cellular network, using a shared software application on a personal computer or mobile device.

    • Word count: 1710
  18. GCSE ICT UNIT 2 - Exchanging information - wifi, bluetooth and GPS

    Advantages of wifi : * Convenience ? allows users to access network resources from nearly any location . * Mobility ? users can access internet outside their normal work environment . * Productivity ? users connected to a wifi network can maintain access to their work when they move to place . For a business this is useful as an employee can be more productive as their work can be completed for nearly any location * Deployment ? setting up access points is a lot easier than have to pay for actual cables and get them fitted .

    • Word count: 1126
  19. Analyse the websites of NHS, Amazon and Greenpeace

    So if you were to search about their organisation area there organisation would be first on the search engine. Greenpeace will make sure when designing a website that the information they use on the website is correct they will use special language relating to their organisational area and that it is standing out from similar businesses, they will need to keep this as it will reflect on how a search engine will rank there website for information. Ranking Information Amazon will use Ranking of information to make sure that the audience is not getting bored of reading a whole load of text.

    • Word count: 1060
  20. Get Up,Get Moving Evaluation of my multimedia promotions of a fitness campaign.

    I was also told that the colour scheme was good because it looked formal and classy. I was told that I could improve my work by adding in the person running, which I did, this emphasized that the logo was linked to the get up get moving campaign. I liked this suggestion because it was just a simple change and it made a lot of difference to my logo. After I acted on my feedback I asked my test buddy for his views and thoughts and he really liked the changes I had made.

    • Word count: 3197
  21. Influence of ICT on communication

    The easiest and more traditional form of online communication is email which can be used for sending and receiving mails from one or more person. Instant massaging is a way of communicating in the real time, though the most realistic way of communication is video conferencing or video chat that allows the participants to see each other and listen to each other that make chatting and holding conversation more lively and interactive. With the introduction of smart phones, it is now a lot easier to use communication services such as video chat, instant messaging, social networking and other applications on the go.

    • Word count: 656
  22. The creation of the computer and Internet has affected businesses in many positive ways.

    The creation of the computer and Internet has affected businesses in many positive ways. These applications are a successful establishment in a business setting. Both deliver quality management capabilities and serve the international standard for businesses and industries around the world. They have an enormous impact on human communication. Computers in a business setting serve the role of communication amongst others inside and outside of the company. Both of these applications (computers and the Internet) also provide a business with capabilities to broadcast ideas quickly and efficiently. The Internet's broadcasting abilities are considered to be very wide spread.

    • Word count: 1439

    m-Commerce ( mobile transactions) M-commerce is buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld. How do you or your family use e-commerce? What website site do you use most often? How is this different from a few years ago? My family uses e-commerce to do a lot of stuff example one could be shopping online from and transferring money online, my family also use e-commerce to pay the bill, most of the time my family uses e-commerce websites like eBay or amazon, e-commerce made life easy for a lot of people, because you don?t have to go to the shop online and pay the fund, you can just pay the fund directly by bank transfer.

    • Word count: 944

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