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GCSE: Communications

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  1. ICT in the Wider World

    Humans no longer occupy all these jobs and many more, as computers and robots offer a cheaper, quicker and more efficient service or product, in the long term. Although with all this developing ICT, there have been many new careers opened, for many people. Computer technicians, programmers, web designers and systems analysts are just some of the new jobs that have been made available because of ICT; old jobs have also been changed. Things like secretaries using word processors instead of typewriters, jobs being 'de-skilled', allowing people like graphic designers use computers instead of a pencil and pad.

    • Word count: 566
  2. Report On Satellite Communications

    used in order to offer constant coverage.LEO satellites are in the distance of 200-3000km from the earth surface and its propagation delay (20-25 ms)is desirable compared with GSO and MEO. So every types includes some pros and cons. Although satellites impact on all the fields and everyday life especially the uses of satellites are in the telecommunications such as international calls, cellular phone calls,TV,Radio,Fax and so on.Navigation satellites are used for the navigator in the domestic vehicles. Weather reach centres use the satellites for predict the weather and space researches are also researched by the satellites so these are able to make the maps of the planets and others.

    • Word count: 2690
  3. Ict and an adult with disability

    We interviewed him about the technologies used in his life and involved with his disability. His answering machine is very useful to him because without it he is pretty much unemployed due to all the business he would miss out on. If he cannot answer the phone in time, it takes his calls and saves them in a high quality format so he can listen to what items people phone in and order. If he missed these then a lot less transactions would take place and a lot of business would be lost, decreasing profits by a large amount.

    • Word count: 2303
  4. Me, Myself and I.C.T

    This meets my needs by improving the quality of my education, I am able to see easily and I can get involved more as it is interactive. HL6050D Brother Printers We can print off any of work at any time. We can do homework at home and send it to school and print off at school. This printer will print off black and white at school we also have a coloured printer. Printing can make your work look more professional and can keep your work for further reference.

    • Word count: 4771
  5. Ict and people with disabilities

    Technologies used at work: * Pc with a AMD64bit core processor with 23.2Ghz, 2GB RAM and 19" Sony monitor * BT phone line with a digital answering machine * Internet business broadband connection * Lugano electric wheel chair Ict now with used by Mr James Although Paul is dependant on a wheelchair he is also relying on his computer because all of his files, accounts, stock records and orders are held on his computer. The advantages of Paul having a computer accessible at home are; * Paul doesn't have to move very far to get to vital information, because obviously he can not work outside his home, and the computer is the only way of work for him.

    • Word count: 1563
  6. using ICT to communicate

    The leaflet tells customers about all the different facilities the bank offers; this is one of HSBC's main aims. By using this leaflet HSBC want customers to know what the bank offers; this is not the only purpose of the leaflet, as they also want more potential customers joining the bank by making them aware of the range of services they provide. This is they key purpose of the leaflet, making the public aware about the facilities HSBC provide, and attracting potential customers. By no means is the leaflet fit for its purpose as it shows people beyond the standard bank accounts and talks about all their extra services.

    • Word count: 6607
  7. Free essay

    information age

    The advantage of using a written communication, is that the written message don't have to be delivered on time, instead they can be edited and can be saved several times. Also when sending the message you can save the message permanently so you can keep reviewing it and having appropriate feedback. For this reason its better if business have there communication in written due to the fact that they have important facts and figures. The disadvantage of having a communication as written is that you won't get a quick reply, also people may not always read them, another disadvantage is they people might find it impersonal and may read the written work in the wrong way.

    • Word count: 4770
  8. ICT in a business

    Human resources deal with the training, employment, health and safety and discuss with unions/workers. Training is when the workers learn how to do the job. Employment is when the have to hire the right people for the job. Finance Finance keeps a record of all money coming in and going out of the business. They have responsibility for securing finances for future increase and paying staff and suppliers. They keep a detailed record of the money coming in and going out.

    • Word count: 3447
  9. Ict and an adult with disability

    This is easier for him as he doesn't have to rush around the house to try get the phone before they hang up, which would be hard as he is in a wheelchair. He takes a picture of all his products and uses a digital camera, so he can just put it straight on the computer without needing a scanner. He also uses an inkjet printer and a small laser printer to print them out so it's a lot quicker for him to print out pages for his catalogues.

    • Word count: 1607
  10. Free essay

    ICT and an Adult in Employment

    This has a good quality sound and graphics. This machine makes things look real as if you are actually at the shooting of the film. Bluetooth wireless mobile - Bluetooth can help to send different music, pictures or videos to other mobiles. Samsung u600 - Able to contact friends or family. Fujitsu siemens PDA (electronic diary) - This can be used to organize events such as school meetings or school trips. Hp + brother laser printer - Used to print out work for students and school letters.

    • Word count: 1674
  11. Affects Of ICT

    The World * Advantages - The advantages of using World Wide Web is that it is an easy way to sell online and buy things online. With World Wide Web you can buy and sell thing on the internet. * Disadvantages - The disadvantage of using the World Wide Web is that it's not always true and that some websites can be biased, like a phone company trying to sell you a mobile. Using the World Wide Web could also give you viruses, like if you visit an iffy site.

    • Word count: 2192
  12. OCR GCSE Business & Communication Task 7 Report

    Problems: I experienced numerous problems within my logo. A problem I experienced was making my overall look stay professional. I had to keep my work all lined up in certain pieces, such as Business Card and Compliments Slip to keep it professional and appealing. I had to also keep a consistent layout and colours throughout my work. I resolved these problems by asking for help with my teacher and using my past experience to help change and improve my work. For example, to change my pixilation problem I had to transfer my work into publisher and down size my font.

    • Word count: 18960
  13. OCR GCSE Business & Communication Task 5a Report

    As we approach modern technology we are able to establish high paying jobs which can help to support our growing demand of Retail shopping. Blue water, Ashford Outlet and typical shopping malls are a few examples as to why Retail as exploited into the job market. As young adults, people also may want to work in this industry due to its fashion related themes and discounts. From 27%, Clerical positions within the working environment have witnessed mixed levels of working numbers, as from 1997 they progressed into the following year with only 24% of working Clients.

    • Word count: 1045
  14. Ict ocr unit 8 ao1

    Businesses rely quite heavily on email because of the speed of message delivery, ease and simplicity. If businesses did not have access to the facility of email, it is very likely that they would not be able to function because they would not be able to send and receive the information, which they need to function. Email can help people become organized because people can access address books, which people can input email addresses, phone/mobile numbers, home addresses, pictures and other details. There are also calendars which people can enter appointments, meeting etc into and also synchronize with mobile calendars which can be very useful.

    • Word count: 4257
  15. How ICT is going to affect us in the future

    Barcodes are a classic example of an ICT system being implemented to make a business run more efficiently. Instead of having to price each item individually, shops and supermarkets had the price, and product details already printed on the packaging, meaning a lot of time and money was saved. How I use ICT and does it help? I use ICT in many ways such as doing coursework or researching as it is one of the quickest method to find large amounts of information. You can access it in the library, at home with your own wireless connection or in schools, colleges and universities. ICT has helped me a lot such as presenting pieces of work to the class.

    • Word count: 536
  16. ict nevio identify template.

    Nevio has no time to organise his new menu for the special New Year's celebrations he runs, ditto for producing a newsletter to advertise their facilities, and for new years plans and people's birthdays. He would like this newsletter to be in standard format and he really likes the use of columns. He desires to display this newsletter in the restaurant. He has asked that both the New Year's menu and the newsletter be saved as a template so they don't have to be made from start every year.

    • Word count: 1615
  17. ICT in the Wide World

    These systems also include a variety of different sources and options, which I think they created by using other kind of software's, which are completely different to mine. ICT has created entertainment all around the world, by creating certain websites. An example is Youtube, this is a website that is aimed at people from ALL ages and origins and that is exactly why it is a successful organization. Even though Youtube is within ICT, it is also brought up and mentioned in daily language and even on the television.

    • Word count: 1053
  18. ICT Systems in Everyday Life: Your Local Community

    One of the good ways to reduce these crimes and to have a control on them is to use some security alarms in homes, using CCTVs in shops and other public service areas. Using more CCTVs and alarms in homes and shops and other places help to control crime and reduces the crime rate without having need to much more police officers in the roads and there hence paying them all. It's beneficial for the local community's economy to have more visitors and attract more people to the area, and one way to do this is to have more entertainment areas and places like cinemas, clubs, game clubs, snooker clubs, leisure centres and some other areas.

    • Word count: 13803
  19. GCSE Applied ICT Coursework

    Also people don't like the fact that sometimes you have to re-enter your account details to enter the account. SLIDE 5: Call Centers and Enquiries Most large companies have call centers where their customers can phone in and give in their complaints etc. This saves the customers a lot of time seeing as they don't have to go back to these shops to for minor reasons like this. It can also save them money because many customer service numbers are free. The disadvantages of call centers are that the queues are long most of the time which does waste a lot of time.

    • Word count: 1358
  20. Web design Coursework (Evaluation part 5)

    ( the website contains many images of the holidays available) * The website must contain a video. ( The homepage contains a video) * The website must be eye-catching. ( the website is colourful and catches the eye) * Each page must be headed with a clear title. ( Each page is well headed) * Must contain important information on all the different types of holidays, and activities. ( contains all vital information) * The website must have a scrollbar on test on at least one page. ( The website has a scrollbar on many pages) * The website must import data from another application or program. (The website imports information for the video on the homepage)

    • Word count: 582
  21. Web design Coursework (implemtation part 4)

    Pass Pass 2 Test the hyperlinks on all pages. Pass Pass 3 Test scrolling marquee. Pass Pass 4 Test password page for any errors. Pass FAIL 5 Test all information is correct and spelt correctly. Pass FAIL 6 Test scrolling bars and drag functions work. Pass Pass 7 Check all information is up-to-date and correct. Pass Pass 8 Make sure music plays throughout the website. Pass FAIL 9 Make sure windows media player video plays correctly. Pass Pass 10 Make sure timing for every motion path is correct. Pass Pass 11 Test all animated Gif's work properly.

    • Word count: 655
  22. Newsletter For Unit 1 OCR

    The images were really good because they relate to the advert and the hurt & abuse that happens. It might not be good because some people might get upset and angry. I think there could be less upsetting pictures. It got the message across. Not much information More information less pictures. Which three (or more) features you would include in your own designs I would include the pictures. I would put the music in the background because it relates to the topic. I would make it as if the audience feels how the children on the advert are feeling.

    • Word count: 672
  23. special needs

    Maria is the receptionist at the South Woodford branch, she needs the assistance of ICT and modern enhanced technology so that her work is easier for her and thus, in this report I will be writing about two categories of technologies Maria korelli utilizes to fulfill numerous of tasks on a daily basis, the category is then subdivided to the actual technology made use of which enables a particular requirement to be achieved. These tasks can vary from accessing the World Wide Web through web browsers which is the form of internet technology or communicating via Mobile phones which is a communication technology.

    • Word count: 9109
  24. Unit 3a The Impact of ICT on myself

    My Cyber-shot is also capable of recording video and voice clips. The camera is lightweight and ultra-compact for easy handling. b) How does it meet my needs? I have a need to not forget past memories, these memories could be from meeting family relatives to having fun with friends. My Cyber-shot does meet my needs as it captures my memories as images, videos or voice clips. Allowing me to transfer my media to my computer means that I can store the media to view/listen over the years hence I wouldn't forget important past memories.

    • Word count: 2567
  25. ICT Unit 21 - Task 1 Graphics

    www.virgin.com Navigation

    • Word count: 21

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