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GCSE: Communications

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  1. The impact of ICT on the way I do things at home and at school.

    Another advantage of word processing is that if you wish to add a piece of writing at the last minute to your document, you can do so without hassle, whereas if you were to hand-write the document you would have to rewrite the whole thing. Also, if you make a spelling mistake in a word processed document you can correct it very quickly without having to use tipex, which would make your work look a lot messier. The program that I use to do word processing is Microsoft Word.

    • Word count: 2903
  2. ICT for a Working Adult

    in the local area He uses e-mail a lot because it is a very quick and easy way to send messages to people. It cost little and will arrive within seconds of you sending the e-mail. Although e-mail is a good way of sending information to people it also has its bad points too. When you send an e-mail it may get accidentally deleted in junk if the filter is not set correctly. The e-mail can also only be received when the person you are sending the message to is online and will not be able to read the e-mail until the recipient is logged on with there username and password.

    • Word count: 1150
  3. How ICT affects my local community

    You are also restricted to using ICT because of the times that the library is open and in most libraries time slots of 1-2 hours are given. Libraries ICT equipment is not used to the best of its ability because some of the staff haven't been fully trained. This could affect the way some people are put off going to the libraries. Cyber Cafes People can go to cyber cafes and use the Internet relatively cheaply. The Internet they use is broadband, which is fast, and people can enjoy tea, coffee, other drinks and food whilst they enjoy the Internet at the same time.

    • Word count: 929
  4. The Internet is starting to revolutionise business. To what extent will business benefit from such a revolution?

    In the beginning, Businesses simply used the Internet to place advertisements, as a way to promote the business; a new marketing avenue was the realisation of most companies. However it wasn't too long before businesses saw the real potential of the Internet, it firstly began when a method was found to take credit card payments without creating a security risk by sending a card number on the internet. The pace of growth of shopping on the Internet is breathtaking. In 1997, Dell computers made headlines by announcing sales of $1million' per day via the internet, only a year later the announcement came as the figure was up to $5million' per day.

    • Word count: 673
  5. Report on technologies relating to businesses and organizations

    E-commerce is where the Internet is used to sell products or services. This has many advantages, as it is cheaper, then running a shop. It requires lees employers increasing the income. The maintenance of an e-commerce is also cheaper. To really understand how the Internet works we must know how a network works. This leads me to Network technologies, available for businesses and organizations. Network Technologies The main purpose of a network is to simply connect a group, if not, 2 computers to together so that they can share information from each other.

    • Word count: 3206
  6. Home page design

    I have designed my home page in a way that the title of the surgery will be the same WordArt as the phone number, and the address of the surgery will be a different WordArt. Even though I am not currently sure what WordArt to use, I have chosen to use the WordArt shape, which is the "Arch Up (Pour)". Also for the address I have decided to make only the first letter of each word in capitals, as I want it to look different from the title.

    • Word count: 5269
  7. "E-signature" Sign Your Name on Internet.

    According to numerous reports and studies, there is a strong positive correlation between the sales amount of online market and the security of transferring transaction data. In order to keep on-line sales thriving, security of transaction is the most important issue in Internet era. According to the Federal Trade Commission's figures, ID theft is the most popular form of consumer fraud, in part because it is the most profitable. As long as someone's personal data is stolen, unauthorized buying as well as fraudulent selling behaviors will be easily made and intentionally used for illegal economic gains.

    • Word count: 1772
  8. Cisco E-Business Process Functional Requirements Evaluation

    Business-to-business e-commerce is the vanguard of the Internet revolution. Press coverage continues to focus on retail e-commerce, in much the same way (and for many of the same reasons) that it focuses on the stock market instead of the bond market. However, the story of how the Internet is transforming standard line-of-business commerce is being written right now predominately in the business-to-business arena. The stunning success of business-to-business e-commerce ensures that retail e-commerce will soon transform almost all of our everyday transactions, and Cisco has positioned itself to be a dominating force in this arena.

    • Word count: 5902
  9. Internet, a network that revolutionized how information technology is seen, is a medium for marketing that changed the way marketers and consumers think. Marketing as a concept has existed long before the Internet.

    Consumers actively go to the location of their interest, and they are not passive anymore. Internet is a medium that offers many tools for the marketers and a wide range of choices for the consumers. 1 Introduction The way of marketing changed because the Internet is used as a medium. In the past, the way of marketing had to adjust to new media in several cases. For example, when the radio appeared or even better when the TV became a domestic must. Internet, however, is a medium different from the common ones. For the first time, the consumer is not passive and is seen as the "end user".

    • Word count: 2416
  10. The future technologies and management of voice over IP

    With the lowering costs of high speed internet options, VoIP has become a valid option for Telecommunications managers, but one that takes careful analysis and planning for VoIP to be beneficial. Brief History of Voice Over Internet Protocol Voice over Internet Protocol was created in Israel in 1995 by a group of hobbyists since PC-to-PC was one of the only means of communications. They developed a desktop application that would organize the voice into packets, ready to be sent over the Internet.

    • Word count: 1976
  11. E-commerce strategy

    Furthermore: * It allows organisations to establish which markets it should operate in * It allows organisations to evaluate whether or not they have the skills, resources and other assets internally to achieve its objectives * It allows organisations to monitor its marketplace and changes that may occur in the external environment * It enables organisations to make key decisions as to which strategies it will actually implement in order to achieve objectives Having developed an e-commerce strategy, organisations need to make decisions as to how and where they will implement their strategy.

    • Word count: 2586
  12. The Internet and its Improvements for Society

    The most common tool is one that allows for people to send messages directly to each other on a one to one basis, much like sending a letter by post, and is popularly called Electronic Mail, or E-mail for short. On the Internet of today, an E-mail message can often take under a second to reach its destination. Using such a technology, the Internet provides a much faster method of sending anything that can be digitally rendered from one person to another.

    • Word count: 3441
  13. E-Business - Tesco

    Tesco follow an "aggressive expansion strategy" Tesco adopts 4 key elements: 1. Strong core business- to out perform the UK industry by offering value and quality. 2. Non-food Products- To secure 6% of the non food market. 3. Retailing services- Internet services From strategies such as this in 1995 Tesco overtook Sainsbury They are the largest Internet grocery business in the world. It is clearly seen Tesco are on top form and are expanding rapidly. "We have got a two-year lead over our competitors on the Internet and we intend to exploit that.

    • Word count: 2002
  14. MUJI - company overview

    The History and the Growth of MUJI Muji products were initially developed as a company brand called Seiyu in December 1980.At that time, the world is suffering from economic downturn as a result of the oil crises. Consumers were becoming much more critical about the quality and the price of the products. Under such circumstances, MUJI products were introduced to the market in Japan with the aim of providing the best value for customers while maintaining the highest quality. The first MUJI shop was opened in Aoyama in Japan in the year 1983.They are opened in several department stores including the Seibu Department store in Japan.

    • Word count: 2277
  15. The Post Office Protocol (POP)

    The advantages of POP is that you can read your-e-mail from anywhere on the Internet that you can run a POP client, without having to dial-up the same ISP. You can use a wide variety of POP client reading software on most platform PC�s or MAC�s, for example Eudora, Outlook or Netscape. How POP Works The server waits for a client to open a connection. When the connection is opened the server sends a greeting message and waits for commands to come from the client.

    • Word count: 2801
  16. Defining computer viruses

    The first category of viruses is the Boot Sector Virus. This virus replaces or implants itself in the boot sector---an area of the hard drive (or any other disk) accessed when you first turn on your computer. This kind of virus can prevent you from being able to boot your hard disk. Second is the File Virus which infects applications. These executables then spread the virus by infecting associated documents and other applications whenever they're opened or run. Third is the Macro Virus.

    • Word count: 3404
  17. What is Spoofing?

    or a similar program that makes all requests for a particular URL go to the attacker's system. After obtaining the desired information, the spoofed Web site might even send you to the correct site. Another way to think about Web spoofing is to be aware of where a link goes--whether to a place you expected or to someplace odd. Private Information Requests If Web pages with which you are familiar suddenly ask you to fill in private information, weigh the situation carefully before supplying it. If possible, call or send mail to the official source to verify that this change is legitimate.

    • Word count: 7991
  18. Look at how introducing internet usage to a small organisation would benefit the company and whether or not the initial set up costs would benefit the company financially in the long run.

    By using e-commerce a company can grow quicker than usual by allowing for the economies of scale theory and therefore being more successful than a company with little or no e-activity. His main e-objective is to set up a webpage where customers can purchase goods and services from him through a secure payment method in order to speed up transactions and provide them with peace of mind as the main ways of paying at the moment are Cash, Cheques and postal orders which all take time and are inefficient.

    • Word count: 1476
  19. The Internet

    Social interaction is one main point raised by many when evaluating the Internet. With people increasingly spending more time on machines it is said they spend less time actively participating, socially with others. The Internet can allow people to be connected to the world 24 hours a day, possibly isolating people from the world by reducing interpersonal communication. This isolation can therefore create loneliness. People can get into situation where all they have is cyber friends, which they never meet and speak to face to face with real people in the flesh.

    • Word count: 1109
  20. Business Communications.

    Presentation Where somebody presents something to other people. This is usually internal but can be external. Can give a lot of information to all the people that need to know at the same time instead of talking to them individually. Can't talk to people individually. You have to get everybody in the same place at the same time, which could be hard. Interview Similar to a meeting but much more formal Speak face to face which allows you to discuses ideas more. Time consuming Written Method Explanation Advantages Disadvantages Letter Where somebody writes to somebody else - this can be informal or formal Can hide what you are thinking if you don't agree but you don't want them to know.

    • Word count: 3012
  21. The impact of ICT on an adult in employment

    He finds using "RAC" a useful site as it is a route finder and plans short and long journeys to visit relations. He uses online shopping at supermarkets and other stores to buy products, which are delivered to his house. He also helps out his son by collecting information on Universities by browsing various University websites. What he used before new technology Before new technology, Mr Knowles had to complete tasks the harder way. This included constantly being on the telephone ringing up various companies on information for buying products including requesting brochures.

    • Word count: 1308
  22. The Impact of ICT on society.

    From Courts to Homes, ICT has had an overwhelming impact of society as a whole. Crime in relevance to mobile phones is not just restricted to violet theft regarding them; there are also situations where organized crime is or castrated using mobile phones. There are also situations where nuisance calls are used by mobile phones and thus are causing companies to loose business because they simply can't get their customers through to their phone lines. Also due to restrictions in the technology of the police they do not have the power to trace mobile phones to their users of these prank calls if they are not registered.

    • Word count: 4422
  23. The Development of the Internet

    Spam Spam is the name given to unwanted e-mails. This could be things advertising new products, or get rich prize draws, credit schemes and pornography. Spam can cost businesses as much as a couple of million pounds to send out computers. Spam can be sent to home computers as well as business computers. Businesses try to filter Spam by using blockers but these attempts may fail, because Spam is sent out in its millions this can clog up the internet network causing computers to rum slow or even crash.

    • Word count: 2405
  24. Communication within organisations

    Informal Communication: Communication which is oral such as a conversation over the telephone. Methods of communication used in Sainsbury's: These are methods of communication which is used internally in Sainsbury's these methods can be used between departments and within a single department. Written communication: This is messages written down and passed to a specific member of staff. � E-mails, messages sent through network to a specific person. � Memorandum, notes used internally. � Financial documents such as pay slips and invoices � A formal letter Oral communication This is verbal communication which can be addressing one or many people at once.

    • Word count: 1134
  25. Internal Communication Media.

    Example In the school the intranet is used. Students can send e-cards (electronic cards0 or little messages to each other and also send messages to teachers if allowed. They could also go on the intranet to see what the school has recently put on the website. Advantages * E-mail is useful to organisations spread over a number of different sites. * Messages can be sent to a group of users. Disadvantages * Users need a modem and a computer * Users have to subscribe to an ISP- Information Service Provider, for example AOL or Demon.

    • Word count: 1174

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