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Comparing the use of input and output methods and devices

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Comparing the use of input and output methods and devices Inputs Any device that is used to enter data into a computer system is called an input device. There are many different types of input device; each designed to provide an efficient method of data entry in particular circumstances. You will be able to work out from the strengths and weaknesses of each type of input device the sorts of jobs it would be suitable for. When choosing an input device, the following factors should be considered: * The type of data to be input * How quickly the data needs to be input * The volume of data to be input * How easily the person inputting the data will be able to use the device * The amount of desk space the device will use (its 'footprint'). The following devices are input devices: The keyboard is the most commonly used type of input device. It is often called a QWERTY keyboard after the arrangement of the letters on the top row. This arrangement of letters was first designed for use on mechanical typewriters and its purpose was to reduce the number of key jams when the typist was working quickly. ...read more.


I also used a scanner, this able me to scan pictures. There are two types of scanner - hand-held and flatbed scanners. Hand-held scanners are small devices that are moved by hand across the document being scanned. They are small and cheap but there are problems when scanning larger images since several scans will be needed to cover the whole page. The individual scans then have to be 'stitched together' by software. With a flatbed scanner, the page being scanned is placed face down on the glass of the scanner where it remains while the scanning device moves under it. This tends to produce a better quality scan than a hand-held scanner but the device does take up more room. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of scanners are as follows: * Good for inputting pictures and line art. * Good for inputting large amounts of texturing OCR. * Files can be large, particularly if high-resolution color is used. * Text can be incorrect. Some characters like zero and the letter O can be confused. Flatbed scanner has a large footprint. Out puts Output devices are used to present the information that the user needs in a useable form. ...read more.


* Almost silent printing. * High quality text and images. * Fast printing. * Can print overhead transparencies. * High purchase cost. * Produces ozone so has to be used in a ventilated space. * Colors for the laser printers are expensive. * Cannot produce duplicate copies while printing top copy. Do not normally take paper sizes larger than A4. There are two other main out puts that I have not mentioned yet and they are, speakers and LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Speakers allow high-quality sound output from a computer and they are used for both music and speech output. Most modern desktop computer systems come equipped with speakers. Speakers depend on a magnetic field to produce their output. This magnetic field can corrupt the data on floppy disks and it can also interfere with the operation of the computer's monitor to the point where the VDU is damaged. Specially shielded speakers are used in computer systems. A simple speaker is included in almost every desktop computer even if the computer will not be used for music or speech output. This simple speaker can produce beeps to alert the user to error situations. ...read more.

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