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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8937

Computer Hardware, uses, advantages and disadvantages.

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Hardware Hardware is all the physical parts of a computer. These are the parts you can see and touch. A computer system consists of inputs, outputs, processing and storage. Types of hardware The following are the main types of hardware: Input Something that goes into the production of output Process In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed878798 a result Storage A storage device may hold information, process information, or both Output End product: final product; the things produced I used the following hardware during this task: Input Microsoft QWERTY Keyboard Microsoft Optical Mouse Scanner Process Intel Core Duo Processor Storage 120GB SATA Hardrive 1GB RAM 4GB transcend USB Output DAEWOO 17" Monitor (CRT) Printer The following table shows how a device works and also the advantages and disadvantages of the device: Name of device Price The way it works Advantages Disadvantages Keyboard �10.00 A keyboard is an input device used to enter textual information into a computer system. Computer keyboards are provided for many different languages and dialects, with different layouts for each. The most commonly known keyboard is a US Standard 102-Key Keyboard. This keyboard uses the QWERTY layout. The keyboard functions by means of electrical switches. Each key compresses an electrical switch, which closes an electrical circuit. This generates a keystroke signal, which is processed by the keyboard's onboard processing chip. This chip then converts the keystroke into what is known as a "scancode." This scancode is transmitted to the computer, which then processes the scancode into either part of a system command, or displays it in the currently selected text entry field. By pressing on the numbers and letters. (http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_does_a_keyboard_work) (04/12/2010) The advantages of keyboard are: 1. Keyboards have special key that perform specific functions. The disadvantages of keyboard are: 1. The person using the keyboard have to learn how to type. ...read more.


Need to buy refills and printing quality can be rubbish. You will see a difference in the paper Flatbed Scanner. Sheetfed Scanners When a user loads documents in a sheet fed scanner, the documents are placed in sequence in a hopper where they are queued before being fed into the scanner one at a time. As each page's turn comes, a series of rollers specially spaced for the thickness of a single page pulls the waiting document into scanner. As the document enters the machine, a viscid conveyor pulls the document completely in and moves it to the scanning surface. With the original document in place on the scanning surface, it is ready to be converted into a digital copy. A scanning wand moves underneath the scanning surface, shining a light onto the original document. The reflected light is interpreted by the scanner and converted into a series of ones and zeros--a digital representation of the document. The scanning wand generally moves from the top of the document to the bottom; the speed depends on the make and model of the scanner. When the document has been scanned, it is ready to be ejected. When scanning is complete, the same conveyor that brought the document to the scanning surface again goes into motion and pulls the document off of the scanning surface. A series of rollers and gears pushes the document out of the scanner and either into the back of the waiting queue or into a designated receptacle. If more original documents are waiting in the hopper, the next original is pulled in using the same process described in Section One above. (http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5132634_do-sheetfed-scanners-work.html) (07/12/2010) The advantages of using sheetfed scanners are: 1: Sheetfed scanners are great for scanning large documents like manuals or transcripts. The disadvantages of sheetfed scanners are: 1: They are not good for scanning images. Sheetfed scanners are better than flatbed scanners when it comes to speed. ...read more.


After I had been looking at the output devices my work hasn't actually been affected that much but I have used the best output devices that I can and the devices I was used very good and I can now do my work easily. Conclusion The system that I used was the right one for this task because I was able to do my work quickly, and efficiently, and I think the company would need one more hardware, which is a headphone for every employee so when they talk to the customers it would be more easier to talk and type. Also, all the hardware I used was the right one as it made me finish my task on time, and it was the right, or quicker time to finish on.. Also I do not think I will need anymore other hard wares because I used the most appropriate hard ware that I can. Name of Hardware The way it works The way it will be used by the company Headphones The system sends the sound through the wire and to the headphone so you can hear The company will use this when there are a lot of customers and they will have used it when they are talking to the customers. Web-cam With a web-cam you can see the person who you are talking to and it is a customer then it is better because you can see them also you can talk to your friends all over the world. The way the company might use this to communicate with the customer and it will be easier. Choosing and Describing Applications =3 Describing using Hardware =3 Describing using Software = 3 Characteristics, Benefits, and drawback of each system = 6 Demonstrate use of Input Methods = 1 Comment on their speed, accuracy and validation = 4 Describe your system outputs = 1 Comparing Output devices Alternative outputs and drawbacks to your system= 4 ?? ?? ?? ?? Usamah Patel AO1 1/39 ...read more.

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