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Computer project Alevels

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    The entry must be 7 characters long. The first letter must be the letter M, the second letter must be C, the third letter must be E followed by 4 numbers. E.g.: MCE1234 FIRST_NAME Text LAST_NAME Text INITIALS Text ADDRESS1 Text ADDRESS2 Text ADDRESS3 Text TELNO Text !\(999")

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    and then by First name (ascending). Here is the sorted data: Here is how I did it: Filtering Here I have decided to filter so only the Albas appear. This is how I filtered the data: Queries Query 1 (Qry Current Rentals) My first query was to find what planes were currently rented, and by whom.

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    bands in my free time I found well over 1,500,000 websites on Google. This was made even harder when I tried to find specific information. For example, when I was researching about specific band member, Georg Listing. I used the 'advance search' tool.


    * As the tests always have different maximum marks e.g. 13,15, she found it difficult to convert number into percentage. * The mark book can get lost. Interviewed Questions 1. What is your position at this school? -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- 2.


    Interviewed Questions What is your position at this school? What type of system do you use for your mark tracks? What method do you use to mark your student work? What problems are you facing with your current system? How would you want your current system to be improved?

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    Perform the basic arithmetic functions (of add, multiply, subtract and divide). 2. The font size should be big for people with peer eye sight. 3. The difference between the foreground and background colour should make it easy for the user to read.

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