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Computer project Alevels

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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    It will have 8 options. These are to add new student, enter marks, create report summary, edit or delete student, chart summaries, create parent report, edit grade boundary and exit. The worksheet would not be opened manually; in its place the macros would be programmed to open the sheet automatically.

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    The entry must be 7 characters long. The first letter must be the letter M, the second letter must be C, the third letter must be E followed by 4 numbers. E.g.: MCE1234 FIRST_NAME Text LAST_NAME Text INITIALS Text ADDRESS1 Text ADDRESS2 Text ADDRESS3 Text TELNO Text !\(999")

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    Bangladesh B2 983 13 Giselle Bundchen 055 5986 6477 29/09/1982 1 May Road London E1 7AT 14 Jessica Alba 076 4787 7487 12/07/1985 2 May Road London E1 7AT 15 Osama Bin Laden 046 7490 3456 01/07/1965 12 Cave In Mountain Pakistan tbl Planes PlaneID PlaneType SeatNo MpG Fuelcap (litres)

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    This information was easy to find on Youtube and I bit of Wikipedia. The information was reliable and when I read through it I did not find very much that needed to be changed. Here is the information that I gathered from Wikipedia.


    * As the names of students are not in order he finds it difficult to find the student to record a mark. * The report could easily get lost. * Also writing in individual names several times, which is time consuming. Interviewed Questions What is your position at this school?

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    The system will inaccessible to unauthorised users, this will be certified through the insertion of passwords and firewalls. Storage space is a big issue with Victor's garage; this can be easily eliminated, since the system will be stored on the computers hard drive.

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