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Computer project Alevels

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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    This will allow data to be more consistent throughout the database, the structure of the tables are able to be easily manipulated to allow me to enter as many entries as I can. Plus the structure enables complex queries to asked relating to data from various tables.

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    It should work Backspace After inputting an equation, the pressing of backspace once should delete the last number inputted. Negative Number Button(+/-) Putting a negative number into the equation and trying to add to it a whole number. See if negative number is recognised.

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    (If there are more than one customer with the same name than the Customer ID can be very useful). Using Auto number data type This will save time and be more accurate then typing up a number. As the computer will never use the same number twice.

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    Though I did not research any of this information I must have first read it on a fan page. Here is what appeared on my website. Bill and Tom were born on the 1st of September 1989, in Leipzig. They are identical twins and though they look very different now,


    This system will therefore make her work more accurate and easy to use. * It will enable her to make the management decisions that she uses to support student learning. * I will create a system, which will automatically convert total marks into a percentage and from the percentage automatically generate an overall grade.

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    The entry must be 7 characters long. The first letter must be the letter M, the second letter must be C, the third letter must be E followed by 4 numbers. E.g.: MCE1234 FIRST_NAME Text LAST_NAME Text INITIALS Text ADDRESS1 Text ADDRESS2 Text ADDRESS3 Text TELNO Text !\(999")

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