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Computer study project outline - library and book club database.

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´╗┐Computer has become very important nowadays because it is very much accurate, fast and can accomplish many tasks easily. Otherwise to complete those tasks manually much more time is required. It can do very big calculations in just a fraction of a second. Moreover it can store huge amount of data in it. In the Computer Studies project, we have to design a program that makes a certain task easier. I had several ideas at first, but then decided on my final idea: making a Library database which includes a book club. Instead of wandering aimlessly around the library people can just straightly type the book name they want and the computer will flash the book details with the location of the book. Problem Identification Searching a book that you would like to read in a library or a book store may take hours or minutes. But what if you could do that in a few seconds? What if you could see books your friend or teacher are reading or read comments on a particular book? What if you could add information about your favorite book or add a good reference book so that your friends and teachers can see them? With this data base students and teachers can read reviews of the books they would like to read. They can add books. ...read more.


This database will help people find and share books they love. Along the way, this will improve the process of reading and learning throughout my school. Most book recommendation websites or book club work by listing random people?s reviews. On Search a Book, when a person adds a book to the database, all their school mates and their teachers can see what they thought of it. People are more likely to get excited about a book their friend recommends than a suggestion from a stranger. OBJECTIVES: Through the creation of a computerized library database such as this, I had various objectives: 1. To help our library create a record of all their books on a computer so that it is free and easy for anyone to look into. 2. To help readers, students and teachers to search for books on the basis of the name of the book. 3. To reduce the number of staff needed to be employed. As all the work is done by the computer. 4. Modifications and deletion can only be done by the librarian as they will have a special username and password. 5. To reduce human errors. When there is computer, there less mistakes. 6. To make students and teachers share their book shelf by adding information?s about their books. 7. To help students and teachers find books they would like to read by reading reviews their friends have given on a book. ...read more.


This way, if I lose all my data on the hard disk, I still have the data on these two USBs. 7. RAM: The RAM of my laptop is 2.00GB. This is quite fast, and I can run several programs simultaneously without facing any lag problems, which will be useful for the project. 8. Monitor: I am using the laptop?s monitor, a 13.3? HD LED LCD. 9. Printer: The printer I will use to print my report is a HP Deskjet printer. It prints very fast, and the quality of the printout is good, as well. Software used I am using some software for the project, too: 1. Operating System: The Operating System on my laptop is Windows 7. 2. Programming software: I am using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0 Professional to create my project. I got it from my school?s computer lab, since it is on every computer there. When we were first told about this project, there were various software?s from which we could choose. We were told about Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Access. However, before I thought about using any other software, I thought that Visual FoxPro would be best for me because we are learning this software in class where as for other software?s I don?t know how to use them. 3. Word processor: I am using Microsoft Office Word 2007. I need it to write my report, and I can also crop screenshots of my project with it. I am also using Microsoft Office Excel for tables and charts. ...read more.

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