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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2599

Computer Systems Assignment 2

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Computer Systems Assignment 2 Task 1 a) If you are using an old computer (pre-Windows) DOS runs anyway. If you are in Windows, go to run and type in DOS and press return or run. Your folders in DOS are called directories. Where you see C:\ type in the command prompt "dir" to review the contents of your directory. b) In Windows, all you need to do is click Start My Documents and you are in your documents displayed in your preferred layout which are easier to read than DOS so it makes it easier for Dyslexic or visually impaired people. When you click on the folder you want, you can then see the same structure that you see here within the folder. c) There are pros and cons to both methods - mostly cons for DOS because at that time, the Discrimination Act had not been implemented so Companies did not have to supply services for all needs which they have to now. There are a few pros for DOS if you look hard enough as if you are used to DOS, then it may be easier for you but from what I heard, was still annoying. DOS is faster if you know what you are doing and is not susceptible to viruses like Windows is. Advanced users can do things without having to go through any helpscreens or confirmation screens. DOS does not pinpoint any errors you may have made - it just says things like you have entered incorrect syntax, please enter correct syntax and press return. ...read more.


It has attention-grabbing effects which are memory aids to viewers. Interactive projector screen (Smart board) Teachers/Business people at meetings/ people with a need for a large touchscreen. To be able to calibrate the board, to be able to use interactive pens So everybody can see your computer screen so you can have the features of the computer displayed on the whiteboard. Games software People who do not want to socialise. People who like to do stuff they can't do in reality or any general gamer. To be able to play games. To have intuitive controls and things to make sense, even if it is just to gamers. To interact with other people without coming face to face. To win Gold in the downhill pursuit, or to win a fortune at poker, or just to have fun. Web browser Web developers, social networkers, internet gamers, researchers or anyone else using the internet. To be able to access the internet. To simplify information. To block adult sites so children can't see unsuitable material. To research information. To find a martial arts centre. To find out whether the iPhone is all they say it is. To play games, to access social network sites. To access emails. For Web developers, so that they can see their creations. Graphics software People who want to see what they look like bald. For website developers, for advertising companies. For film production. IT students and architects and builders and anyone who needs a 3D plan. Graphic designers, etc. To be able to edit photos, images and graphics. ...read more.


The Taskbar I would suggest making sure that the most commonly used programmes are pinned(stick it to the task bar) to the start menu. I would advise her to decrease the resolution of the screen so that the taskbar appears larger. I would make sure that she knows the logo for Word, if the writing is too small, and how to open it to produce a blank document ready for writing her letters. I would suggest she doesn't need to click on All Programmes for everyday office use so these would not come up. I would suggest getting rid of all unnecessary programmes like chess and Macromedia Dreamweaver if they have it. Mouse Settings Starting from the top, there's an automatic default dialogue box position, which would be useful so you don't have to find a little default button on the dialogue box. The next one down displays the mouse trails so you don't lose where the mouse is. The next one is if you lose the mouse, you press CTRL, and it flashes a grey circle round where the mouse is. Folder structure I would recommend the Secretary to create a good file structure where she could access information quickly and easily. I would recommend that she uses clear folder names, e.g., boss' letters templates. To access her folders, I would advise her that she needs to click on My Documents, where all the folders are displayed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Alt Saturday, 30 October 2010 Computer Systems Assignment 2 Page 1 of 10 ...read more.

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