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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1849

computerised spreadsheet for pupil attendance data

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Coursework A Teacher's Class Attendance Register And Mark Book Spreadsheet Project Plan GCSE Information, Communication and Technology 2005 NAME OF STUDENT TABLE OF CONTENTS Identify Analysis Design Implementation Evaluation IDENTIFY My friend's class teacher named Dave has to take a register every day and has to keep marks that students have achieved on a regular basis. Dave finds it very hard to keep all his papers organised, as they tend to overflow and get messy. Because of this it can be an agonising process trying to find a students set of results or attendance marks when they are needed. He recently received a new computer from his Dad as a present. My friends wants me to create a computerised spreadsheet for him whereby he could keep attendance of pupils and their grades and also create graphs out of the information to simplify it. The more primitive way to solve this problem would be to create a more organised and effective manual system, like a folder with various sections in it to identify different pupils and grades that they have. However it is not the ideal way of solving this certain problem as it may prove to be just like his previous method. Another way by which the problem could be solved would be to create a spreadsheet system. The types of software packages I am considering for the use of this project are as follows: Database, DTP, Word Processing and Spreadsheet Each piece of software has its downsides and its positives. ...read more.


My software requirements are as follows: Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel I will use the software above as they are the best suited for my requirements and is what is needed for a spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet I will use two sheets, one to record students' attendance and one to record the students' marks. On the attendance sheet I will set up: A column that incorporates a formula to calculate the attendance of each student as a percentage at the end of each half term. The names of the students in the class The dates of when the lessons take place A column that incorporates a function to calculate a running total of the number of sessions attended by each student each half term On the marks sheet I will set up: The names of the students in the class The titles of the Units A row that incorporates a function to calculate the minimum mark for each unit A row that incorporates a formula to calculate the range of marks for each unit Columns, which use the IF.... THEN function to produce a final grade. A column, which calculates using a function the running total of marks for each student A row that incorporates a function to calculate the average mark for each unit A row that incorporates a function to calculate the maximum mark for each unit The spreadsheet is designed to be accessed on the computer and to be upgraded on the computer. ...read more.


EVALUATION Through out this project I have learnt a great deal and in evaluating what I have done I believe that I completed the objectives that I was given, by Dave my friends class teacher, to the fullest of my ability. I have learnt how to test a spreadsheet and the various aspects that I should focus on. I have learnt how to design and create a spreadsheet, applying formulas to cells in order to work out calculation for me. However to get a clearer picture if the spreadsheet worked appropriately I had to get some feedback from the user. I sent an E-mail to Dave asking him what he thought of the spreadsheet and if it worked better then his manual system. I asked him to send me his reply and it said: "Thanks kid, that new spreadsheet thing works wonder, when I get the hang of this ill use it in the future because it saves me a lot of time" The improvements and extensions that I could have made to the coursework would have been to have made a printable version of the spreadsheet so that the teacher could use it in his folder if he was not used to his new computer. After reading the letter from Dave I have decided that numerous spreadsheets should be used all around for a much easier way of doing things efficiently and I believe that I have learnt a substantial amount in this project and I hope to use those skills in the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? Information, Communication and Technology ...read more.

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