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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2169

Computing and Society.

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CO42011 Computing and Society Coursework Dec 2002 Introduction Since the early 90's, the Internet has taken an important place in our life. New markets have appeared providing several opportunities for lot of people and businesses to develop their activities. In our document we will investigate the impact or influence of the Internet in the small business and the minority cultures. Throughout the following parts, we will attempt to enumerate the positive and negative points of the Internet regarding to small business and minority cultures, providing examples and criticisms. Contents Introduction 1 Contents 2 1 Definitions 3 2 The Internet is a positive/negative influence in empowering 4 2.1 Small business 4 2.2 Minority culture 6 Conclusion 8 Bibliography 9 1 Definitions * Positive: to have a good meaning. * Influence: to attempt to persuade, convince or influence others in order to have a specific impact or effect (good or bad). * Internet: a worldwide collection of computer networks connecting academic, governmental, commercial, and organizational sites. It provides access to communication services and information resources to millions of users around the globe. * Empowering: to make more independent, make stronger. ...read more.


> Security and delivery issues: Lot of people do not want to take a risk of buying something over the net as long as the security will not be guaranteed 100% and some delivery issue will occur. Moreover, regarding overseas purchase, the delivery cost may be very expensive in comparison to a traditional purchase from a local store. > Currency issue: Buying an item from other country may generate currency problem, that it is because of the taxes and change rates, especially when purchasing with a credit card, your bank may over charge you. > Competition: Competition is already very strong - why take the risk to build a small business website? Investors will ask the business owners. What is the unique selling point of the business? And how can this feature be protected against existing and new competition in the marketplace? What if the competitors are financially stronger? I.e. so that they can produce a better website therefore more people are likely to come back to it. Meaning a good website can only get more popular, while a poor website will disappear very quickly. The Internet is not only a business tool; it is used today to allow people to correspond and pass any form of information such as email, press papers, video, music etc. ...read more.


The use of Internet as a business tool seams to reduce phone charges, fax charges, printing costs, and postage costs, which will increase profits. Regarding minority culture, the Internet participates in the build of a better world breaking culture differences and gathering people. Today's mentalities have radically changed; we are inexorably going towards unification of the countries, people are being encouraged to immigrate abroad either for a professional or social circumstances, this phenomenon increases the number of minority cultures throughout the world. Nothing can cope with the lack of censure in the web; lot of efforts have been deployed to prevent such malicious utilisation of Internet by small minority cultures or other people, but today the computing law is getting stricter, many international computing laws have been voted to reduce and control the activities over the web, since those laws being admitted and voted several punishments have been taken against illegal exploitation of Internet. Noticeably the new generations are more sensitive to Information technology than the last generation; this is due to the market expansion and the vulgarization of the products. We have to admit that Internet is going to be omnipresent powerful form of communication in our life. Therefore, it has to be regulated and controlled to avoid any malevolent utilization. ...read more.

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