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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3735

Computing Project – Designing a Ticketing System for a Cinema.

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Computing Project - Designing a Ticketing System for a Cinema. Introduction 1.1 Background; I have chosen to undertake a project where I redesign the ticket system within a cinema. I have been to many cinemas around the Croydon area, some of the more larger cinemas; for example the Warner village cinema in Valley Park Leisure Complex 21, Hesterman Way, Croydon, Surrey, -have a computer system that is quite advanced compared to those of smaller cinemas. An example of a smaller cinema is West Croydons Safari cinema London Road Croydon Surrey. This cinema has been around for years without much of an improvement in the computer system used; their system is not as advanced as the Warner Village cinema. An example difference in the systems is that the safari cinemas uses an older interface, the dos interface. Warner Village however uses a win32 environment interface. The safari cinema has been around for years without much of an improvement in the computer system. This type of old system as in the safari cinema would work more efficiently and prove more productive if it were redesigned. Other concepts within a cinemas workings could be incorporated within the cinema ticket system. The setting of the problem is based upon the ticket system, which can be greatly improved on in many areas. The staff on the ticket sales desks would be more motivated with a more improved computer system, if the look and feel of the interface was made more appealing; the staff could be more encouraged and motivated in dealing with ticket requests. The staff would also be more alert with an improved computer system that would cut down on mistakes made when customers purchase a ticket from a booth. I have had occasions where on purchasing a ticket from this cinema the film I requested is not the one that is printed on the ticket! -Which is fairly bad practice that can be contributed to by a computer systems problem or a lapse in concentration on the staff's part. ...read more.


-Which will probably have only a limited affect on the systems workings, nevertheless it is well worth its place as an objective. Incorporation of other cinema aspects, the purpose being to integrate the cinemas workings together, this makes the system more advanced which may give customers more of an incentive to visit the cinema. - Also with the added discounts and/or freebies. This would be a priority higher than an increased user-friendly interface. The output from this objective would be tickets printed with '50% off large coke' -for example. Also on screen it may display similar offers so the ticket staff can explain them to the customers. Improved, or additional, management reports, purpose being to show figures and information regarding the cinemas performance in terms of tickets sales, popularity of films, and also food and drink (refreshment) popularity and trends, which all add help when deciding on pricing and promotion for refreshment products. This is a fairly high priority objective. Output from this objective would be reports; these could be stored on system disk, or printed for a hard copy. Better service is always quite a high priority. Output from this objective can be generally what the whole new system will provide, also mistakes in issued tickets will be minimised. - this is also attributed to the objective where accuracy of the tasked carried out is improved. Time saved, purpose to allow the customers (ticket buyers) to get their tickets quicker, less of the extremely long cues I have seen trailing down the road out of the cinema. To gain more credibility in the cinema business, this cinema will be helped to reach that objective with an improved computer system. Constraints 4.1; Hardware + Software. For the implementation of the new computer system the hardware specifics required would include; IBM compatible PCs Specification; * Pentium III 600Mhz * 128 Mb Sdram * 6.4 GB (gigabyte) ...read more.


This however may prove to be more complicated than using an object code language like visual basic. It would be a quicker task to use visual basic as opposed to writing the system in a High level language. Using the visual basic package it is quicker and easier to produce the system. It is much simpler to maintain and add new features if necessary. In visual basic there is fast creation of customised input screens, report layouts can also be created with a certain ease. It is also easier to create unforeseen queries, there is a built in security schema, and there is automatic organisation of data structures. More Benefits and Consequences of Computer System Solution; Improved company organisation and image; the cinema will with the improved system create an updated image to the public, showing that they are moving with the times. The new system is likely to become known by word of mouth and consequently the cinema is likely to increase ticket sales and profits. The new computer system may pay for itself. However the system including cost of hardware software and maintenance would be fairly expensive. The staff may need to be retrained to use the new systems software - as how to use it wont come naturally, either that or they may need some time to familiar themselves with the workings of the system. This takes time in training or getting them used to the system, it could also cost some money too. Limitations of the new system; A desirable feature of the cinema system could be a method by which people become members of the cinema, they generate special points for watching films, and if their accumulated points is above a certain amount they receive a free ticket or other freebie or discount/offer. However this could prove hard to implement, there would have to be some sort of membership card given to members- this would cost a lot of money to implement. ...read more.

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