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Construction of a Membership Table

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Design Proposed Solution Computerised V Manual? The current system that Project use is a manual system and it has proved inefficient, and very easy to lose. Therefore, I propose a computerised database system. Package V Programming Solution For ease, and speed of use, I propose to use the package option. I choose this because the options for everything the database needs are already there, and rather than waste time trying to find a way to make these options in my own programming solution, I will save much time and effort using the package MS ACCESS 97. Also, my programming skills are next to nothing. The Package: Advantages: * Easier to learn as very little programming is involved * The tools for creating the user interface are already available, built into the program which makes construction of the database far quicker. Disadvantages * Depending on the package, this option could be far more difficult, due to problems such as a lack of flexibility, lack of options etc. The self-programmed solution Advantages: * Program will be specific - all options can be created so that it will do exactly what it needs to do. ...read more.


This is down to insurance reasons. Helmets, however, are not the most fashionable piece of clothing you could ever wear, and many members try to find a way out of getting out of wearing them. Therefore, careful attention must be paid when taking down members' details to make sure that the data is checked against any valid form of identification I.D. number: This is automatically created by the database as a key field. This has a default value of 000, but will increase in value for each new member. Name: This can be checked against any forms of identification, e.g. bus passes, library cards, national insurance cards (if applicable) Date of birth: There is an obvious mistake if someone gives a birth date making them out to be 102. However, minor mistakes, such as a year or two out, can be checked against the DOB's on bus passes, national insurance cards etc. The format will also have to be correct, as it is being entered in the format DD/MM/YY. ...read more.


Name of product supplied: Not only does Project have a large list of suppliers, each supplier also has a list of products supplied to Project. This means that there is a lot of data to do with stock needing to be entered correctly. Again, the only way to do this is visually - making sure there is no mistake when entering in the data. Item number: Every product has a different item number. This insures the "uniqueness" of each product, so that the stock system knows exactly what product is sold. Type of product: Project doesn't just sell skateboards. They sell shoes, clothes, accessories, hardware, safety gear and more. Rather than have to check in the storeroom what a product is, the database can simply tell them. This must have the type entered correctly. The only chance of a typo occurring in this is if I make a mistake during the implementation. The data in this field is selected from a drop-down list. Price of product: If the price is wrong, customers will be over/under charged. This will not be good for Project. If they undercharge, they lose money. If they overcharge, they lose customers. Therefore it is greatly important that the price is entered correctly. ...read more.

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