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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2138

coursework ICT

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Advantages and Disadvantages of using ICT for this Task Job With IT Without IT text I typed on keyboard. I may well do it without IT by writing with a pen on a paper. Surely, typing on a keyboard is better than writing with a pen for the reason that people usually understand what you have written as it is orderly than writing by hand. Pictures I utilized search engine to find photos which are copyright free and clipart in Microsoft Word. I may possibly do it without IT by using film camera to take pictures to put into my project. Surly, it will take me time to do it but it is the possible way to do that. Rightly, using search engine such as Google to find some related pictures meant for my project has aided me to do my project with no trouble and quickly. Possibility, we can use film camera to obtain pictures but it really need to be developed after and use scan to paste pictures into your work. Spell-checker I used spell-checker to correct any spelling mistake as I am not quite good at spelling. The possible way to check spelling without IT will be by asking my teacher or my friends. ...read more.


If he does not agree you to use it so in this case you cannot use them. As it is incredibly hard to find the person who owns the copyright as a result I have never try to ask someone for permission to use a copyrighted work. Personal information is information or ideas about identifiable person. It might be your names and address or more personal data. I ought not to include any personal information about other people in my work for the reason that it is restrictedly against the law to display other people personal information in your work as it may affect them in many ways and it is secret between you and the person who told you. College can keep your personal information when you enrol. The college is not allowed to give your information to someone else. However if there a serous purpose such as crime issues. Your GB doctor also keeps your personal information. They are usually kept on a computer to make it more safe and uncomplicated to find your information by specific purpose. Data Protection Acts (1984, 1988, 200) keep personal information relating to living people. There are rules to see this data. ...read more.


the screen * Turn off the equipment when you have finished * Do not eat or drink around IT equipment * Avoid using the equipment when your hand is wet Getting Help Method of Help How it might helps Send email to my IT teacher to ask her/him for help This method can help if s/he sees the email or if the help is necessary to respond it by email additionally. Use online help or easily do to search engine and I type what you want to know Sometime this method can help but it may take time to find the exact answer for your question. Ask someone is sitting next to you You will enough lucky if this person can give you help. Ask the learning centre stuff This way you might get help with it as they are trained to use ICT. Not Losing Information Methods used to Avoid losing Information * Save your work regularly. * Keep backup. * Do eject your USB before removing it. * Save your work on your document or on you network drive at college. * Close the work when you have finished. * Make a backup file. * Always give your file a filename so you can find it easily another time. Screenshot of my backup: ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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