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Covenant House.

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Marissa Miller Organizational Communication Technologies Quiz #1 www.covenanthouse.org Communication environments for non-profit orgs have changed dramatically since the Internet became widely used. Covenant House is a privately funded childcare agency that provides shelter and services to homeless and runaway youth. They do work in the US, Canada, and Latin America to help stop child labor and prostitution and to pass legislation that protects itinerant and fleeing youth. Luckily, Covenant House has enough financial resources to establish an effective Internet presence. According to Covenant House's website "the Internet has tremendous potential to benefit children and these innovative projects show just what can be achieved, often with limited resources." The target audiences for Covenant House are homeless and runaway youth as well as people who are willing to donate time and money to the cause. To aid communication with donors, volunteers, and people in need of help and/or information their website offers a variety of e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers (including the "NINELINE", a 24-hour help hotline). ...read more.


Covenant House's website is extremely easy to navigate with a site guide and menus to help viewers find what they need. Acrobat downloads and Real One Players are used to accentuate details about agency events. Knowledge about the organization is shared through the website, news articles detailing the charity's efforts, and word of mouth. Though Covenant House is primarily known as a provider of services for homeless and runaway young people, the agency places great importance on its role as a spokesperson for not only the youth it serves, but for all young people at risk. "In addition to advocacy efforts undertaken by each of Covenant House's sites, Covenant House periodically publishes and widely disseminates books which tell stories of the young people who to Covenant House for help" (www.covenanthouse.org). The aim of these publications is to counter the often-negative stereotypes many people have of homeless youth and sensitize the public to the needs and ambitions of this very vulnerable part of society. ...read more.


Stakeholders in Covenant House include its 24 members on the Board of Directors, as well as two honorary Board members. Others are its thousands of employees, volunteers, and supporters of the organization and its cause. Though there is little information on the website about how the knowledge is shared within the agency, they do mention that Board members are actively involved with the staff to fulfill Covenant House's obligations. Since the website is quite advanced for a non-profit it would be fair to assume that Internet applications, such as e-mail, are a main source of communication within the organization. Covenant House's work extends across the US, Canada, and Latin America. Though there are hundreds of other charitable organizations doing the same kind of work Covenant House is not very concerned with competition, as long as homeless and runaway youth are being helped. Covenant House is the largest privately funded childcare agency in the US with the amount of volunteers and donations growing every day thanks to the effectiveness of its website. ...read more.

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