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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1308

Create a children's book that will be sold in shops around the U.K.

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A Children's Book Introduction I am going to create a children's book that will be sold in shops around the U.K. The idea is to create this book to help children reading to improve. The first thing I am going to do is too decided what I am going to call the book. Then I will collect pictures from the Internet. I made a title page. Afterwards I wrote up my story. I then added the pictures on to look more interesting. I finished the book off by putting a back cover. Pictures I searched the Internet to find pictures that could be used in the children's book. This seemed to be a suitable place to look for this sort of information. I then used characters from the Flintstones so the book would sell more because people would recognise the pictures in the shops and buy it. The Internet site I got the pictures from is www.cartoonnetwork.com. I also got the barcode from the Internet. I searched www.yahoo.com to get the barcode. I recommend this search engine. This is the Internet site that I got my pictures from. I carried on searching the Internet for pictures from the Flintstones I searched yahoo for pictures of barcodes. For my back cover of the book. ...read more.


This site had different things that you can do like play games, look when new episodes of your desired cartoon is coming and they even had a cartoon gallery of character's from different cartoons. I looked up The Flintstones in the gallery. I establish lots of pictures and I decided to get these. When I found these pictures I clicked the right button of the mouse and saved them in my area of the network. I also found a barcode from the Internet. I then clicked the right button of the mouse and saved it in my area of the network. Purpose The children's book is meant to attract boys, girls and even adults around the world. The pictures and text have been re-arranged to its best design. The children's book has my name on the front cover so they know who the author is. Proof Reading Throughout the creation of the children's book I had the automatic spelling checker on. The spelling checker in the software picked out all my spelling mistakes. I have saved a screenshot on one of my spelling mistakes. I did this so it proves I used spellchecker. It showed me my mistakes by underlining the wrongly spelled word. ...read more.


Copyright There was no problem of copyright. I know this because on the Internet site I got the pictures from did not have copyright. The Copyright Act 1956 came into force on 1st June 1957. It took into account further amendments to the Berne Convention and the UKs accession to the Universal Copyright Convention, administered by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Viruses A virus checker has been put on the network. It is called Sophos. When you load any file into your program it automatic checks the file for viruses. You usually say yes. This gives you a clean file. You then must tell the teacher about the virus so she can run the virus-checking program again and get rid of every place the virus shows up. You must check your disks from home if they have a virus or it may cure problems. More than 71,000 virus threats exist today. Health and safety The computer room does not have any trailing cables on the floor so there is nothing to trip over. The bags and chairs have to be tucked under the tables so the students don't trip or fall. Pupils must not eat or drink whilst in the room because of several reasons. You must not move the equipment. Pupils must not mess with the electricity supply because they might get an electric shock. ...read more.

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