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Create a complex document & Justifying the Design of a Website

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(M2) Create a complex document that combines textual, numerical and graphical information appropriate for a defined audience. GCSE Time Table When doing GCSE's you will be given a time table which contains two different weeks, red and blue, and each week will have a different time table to the other week. The subjects will be studied for number of hours depending on their importance. Here is the table that shows how many times (in hours) each subject is studied in two weeks time. Each week will contain five work days, each day with 6 hours. Since there are two weeks with different time tables some subjects might be studied for more hours one week than the other. Thus, the number of hours each subject is studied over a period of two weeks time is analysed. Here is the chart comparing the hours each subject is studied in two weeks. This chart shows the number of hours each subject is studied to the total study hours in two weeks. From the chart, it appears that Science is studied more frequently than any other subject because the percentage of science studied in two weeks is 21% which is greater than any other percentage. ...read more.


This shows that the subjects are divided into reasonable order of importance and the time table is organised in a way that every subject is studied as frequently as it is important so that students are given a full chance of improving and developing their skills as efficiently as possible. (D1) Justify the use of different construction features in the design of a website Justifying the Design of a Website The website I am going to review and justify the construction features of is the www.manchester-academy.org website. The Manchester Academy's website is designed to present information to visitors and the target audience are parents/carers, 16-18 year old sixth formers, or any other person interested in the school. The website uses different techniques to meet its purpose more effectively. One of the techniques used is the use of different frames: frame 1, and a target frame. The Frame 1 includes hyperlinks to different parts of the website which have been put there to ease navigation through the pages, as well as make the different sections of the website noticeable and useful to the audience. ...read more.


Very few pictures are used in the design and are of small sizes; thus the website has a reasonable enough loading speed which is quite fast and helpful in saving time. The Manchester Academy website also does not use many interactive features because the purpose of this website is non-commercial. Using interactive features will allow users to alter information or use the website to carry out different tasks. But since the purpose of the website is to give information, it does not use interactive features. However, it does use the searching feature which eases navigation and is not used for any other purpose but to present information in a better and effective way. Thus overall, all of the choices made on including construction features on the website are relevant and effective. They all help in meeting the purpose which is to present information. This website is quite helpful in giving an overview of the school to different types of audience which is made even more effective by using the relevant construction features and avoiding the use of irrelevant features. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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