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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 693

Creating a Booking System For British Airways.

Extracts from this document...


Creating a Booking System For British Airways. Implementation Homepage This page needs to be eye catching, colourful, and vibrant, as it is the front page, the first page that the customer will see. "First impressions count" as we all know, so it has to have an image that customers would remember and relate with. It should register in their minds so that the colours and graphics are easily distinguishable. A screen dump of the homepage (Fig 3.1) Problems Encountered The size of the characters was 14pts and in Times New Roman. The size was too small and could not be easily be read by people who wore glasses. The British Airways logo was too far right and had too be moved towards the left. ...read more.


Log In (Visual Basic) A screen dump of the macro for the "Members" button (Fig 3.6) Log In Form This is where the details of all customers are kept. A screen dump of the Log In form (fig 3.7) Problems Encountered Unless one of the two headings is highlighted, the form will not find any data to use. Log In (Visual Basic) A screen dump of the macro for the Log In Form (Fig 3.8) Registration This page notifies the customer that he/she is about sign on as a new member and asks for confirmation by clicking the "Register" button. A screen dump of the registration sheet (Fig 3.9) Problems Encountered When the horizontal and vertical value bars are taken away, the buttons and logos were out of position so these need to be adjusted. ...read more.


To avoid, copy and paste boxes. Seating Plan Visual Basic) A screen dump of the macro for the "Members" button (Fig 3.14) Accounts Sheet This sheet works out how much money has been made per day and can work out the maximum possible income. A screen shot of the formulae on the accounts Sheet (Fig 3.15) Problems Encountered When asked for formulae to be shown, the format of the sheet changes completely. Adjustments have to be made. Ticket This page shows the format of the final ticket that will be printed showing the flight number, destination, Flight date, Airport, Price, Rate and Type. A screen shot of the ticket that will be printed. (Fig 3.16) Problems Encountered Is difficult to design with out the use of gridlines, use gridlines to design then take gridlines off. Ticket (Visual Basic) A screen dump of the macro for the "Print" button (Fig 3.17) ...read more.

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