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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 8529

Creating a computer system for a video rental shop

Extracts from this document...


sis Introduction ABZ World is a video rental shop, located in Stoke Newington town centre. It is a relatively small shop and has 300 members, who live in and around Stoke Newington. The shop is owned and managed by Abdullah Elgayar. He set up the business two years ago and has two other staff working in the shop on a part time basis. Abdullah currently has a filing system that occupies a great deal of space and is very time consuming to analyse. He gives his members cards and has to manually record which video members are hiring. The old paper filing system is very inefficient in notifying when members are overdue with bringing the videos back. This in turn means other customers are unsatisfied when the video they want isn't in stock and so Abdullah loses out on revenue. His shop has not got much space and the filing system is taking 1/4 of the shop floor, more spaces are needed for videos and the shop at the moment is looking crap and tight costumes feel isolated and do not get to look around and look at covers of videos as the shop can get cramp, card board standing posters have been scraped this makes advertisement of movies hard. Costumers will not know when the new videos have arrived this make business in his shop go down. More and more children are coming to the shop and Abdullah says "I have very little movies for young children if I don't sort it out they will go someplace else. He is also opening another Abz World in wood green centre about 15 miles away and he would like to link up both shops. Abdullah possesses greater than average IT skills and is keen to introduce a computer-based system for the rentals of his videos. If we make both shops have a computerized system Abdullah will be able to link both shops and have plenty of space for videos and advertisements and costumers can return videos in both shops. ...read more.


Evaluation of possible software solutions I have decided to recommend the use of Access to the clients as being most suitable because it seems to offer more facilities and features, which will help me in designing a program for the, clients. Access is more usable than both Excel and Pascal and the end users will find the system easier to use as the system will save time by cutting out repetitive tasks and will give them quick access to the information they need. A system designed is Access should give a very user-friendly interface and will function in the way the client's want in to. Access is a quick database and is quick to open files and change to new pages. Access will really provide a solution to the client's needs, as it is a diverse program, which can be used in many different ways. Another very good thing about Access is that it will be very easy to upgrade, introduce new functions and make modifications as and when they are necessary. Comparison of Possible Solutions A number of possible solutions could be considered: * Use of Excel Spreadsheet * Use of Access Database Excel is a spreadsheet of considerable power including database facility. However the relationships required would be difficult to implement in the time scale available. The final solution might also be difficult for the end user to understand and maintain. Access has all the capabilities required and is the preferred option for the end user. I have experience of using Access and some Visual Basic knowledge that can be used for enhanced customisation. Using Access it will be possible to: * Create and edit tables * Create and edit relationships * Create forms and reports based on tables * Create customised input screens and using Visual Basic facilitate searches and validation procedures * Create queries to find specific data * Create a menu driven system * Implement security provision. ...read more.


Encryption Encryption is where data appears garbled unless you know how to decrypt the data. Other Security Recommendations I would suggest the user have various security measures for the system, these include: - * A security manager who can oversea and monitor all terminal activities. * Keyboards and monitors to be locked via a password when they are not being used or are left unattended. A screen layout for a user interface screen Screen layout design for open all data input forms Screen layout design for open all data output reports Screen lay out for all data input forms Member Form 1 Book Form Borrowing form Reserving form Specification of the query criteria including any sorting This query is designed for a report to be sent to the borrowers who did not return the borrowed videos in time and also show how many days these videos been delayed. Three tables will be used in this query: member table to get member details, borrowing table to get borrowing date and transaction table to get transaction ID and member ID. A calculated field will be generated called days: Date Diff("d"),{Date of borrowing},Now)) In the criteria row of the QBE >14 will be inserted, where 14 are the allowed time for borrowing. This query will calculate the number of delayed days A simple example of the use SQL When a user create a query , Access automatically convert his action to programming language called Structured Query Language (SQL) For example the table blow shows different video with different prices This SQL allows selecting all videos price more than �20 SELECT: video, cost FROM; Table1 WHERE. cost)>"20" video cost Computing 17 Access 97 45 Database design 35 Web design 18 The result after this query is applied will be all the books which cost more than �20: Access Database design Report layout designs Overdue books report Books out. Not ification report Test Plan The reason for the test plan is to see that the designed library database is able to function well with different operations 1-member record ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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