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Creating a Database for a Rugby Club.

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Creating a Database for a Rugby Club. Identify Identification of problem I have been approached by a professional rugby club in Leicester and was asked by them to design a database that stored all of their members details. This database has to be attractive and cost effective. It is my objective to keep records of all of the clubs members including the managment. The staff will also have to have their qualifications recorded in order for us to make sure that they are fully qualified and able to look after and teach a group of rugby players. They asked me to create a database to store all of their information on, the problems with doing it manually are as follows: * Files can take a long time to find, especially if someone has put them back in the wrong place. * Files need to be kept about ex-players in case they want reference in the future. ...read more.


Databases will not allow you to put letters into a field which you have specified as numeric. * It allows you to input queries - Performing a query is referred to as searching a database. This involves extracting information from the database. For example you could make a request of the database to list the details of all personel with certain qualifications. * It makes it easier to create mail merges. * It easily allows you to sort each member out alphabetically at the click of a button, you can also place them in alphabetic order backwards at the click of a button. * Overall it is easier to navigate and is very flexible unlike Microsoft Excel which makes you hunt for the things that you wish to do. * It allows you to amend the database. This means that if any members have gained any more Caps or achievments they can easily be changed and the database easily updated. ...read more.


* If any of the members gain any more Caps or achievments, which appears to be pretty likely, I can enter them into the database quickly and easily and therefore do not have to copy out the database each time something needs to be amended. * If you did it by hand it would probably take me weeks. * It would not look as nice if it was done by hand instead of done on computer. * I also decided to create it on computer because once the database is completed it needs to be sent to each member which would take a long time to copy out and if some of the details were wrong it would take a long time to put it right again. * If I did it on computer I would only be paying for the ink cartridge but if I did it by hand I would have to pay for the paper used and all of the pencils. * * * * ...read more.

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