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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2357

Creating a logo, template letter and a website for a travel agent.

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Introduction I have been given a few tasks such as making the travel agency, Satia Tours more popular and more famous, increase the number of customers etc. Also how the travel agency can be better. Satia tours was established about 20 years ago and over the years they been thinking constantly in how to make the agency better. One of the main tasks it to make the best holiday packages. Even though this company has been running very successfully they still need a way to increase their customers and they can do this by using the internet. So the task is we have to create an attractive webpage so customers will be attracted. To design the logo for the webpage I am going to use paint. And for the webpage Microsoft publisher will be used. Also I will make sure that the travel agency has a template letter. A template letter is a letter which is already been typed but the address box and the name is not filled. The reason why it's not filled is that when you send this template letter to a customer, all you do is you just right his name by hand and fill in the address box. Research I have looked at two different websites, Expedia and Thomas Cook. ...read more.


Hyperlinks I can do this task by Microsoft front page but will not do it this way because I have never used this before so I don't know how to use it. I can also do this task by adobe dream weaver but will not do it this way because it is too complicated and to hard to use. I will do this task by using Microsoft Publisher because this has got everything I need and it is quiet easy to use compared to the other two. Writing reports at the end (User Guides) I can do this task by notepad but will not do it this way because Notepad is to plain and boring. Also I haven't used Notepad for a very long time. I can also do this task by hand but will not do it this way because doing it by hand will take a lot of time. Also I'll probably get a lot of mistakes. It'll need to be very neat as well so people can read it very easily. I will do this task by Microsoft Word because The Microsoft has all the tools I need and it is the easiest and the fastest way. Advertising the Agency There are many ways in which how the travel agency can advertise themselves and also be famous. ...read more.


Please Tick YES NO If yes, how popular? Less medium A lot other 2. Can you tell me in brief the current problem of your company? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Would you prefer ICT to solve your problem? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Can you give me any of your opinions of solving the problem? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Do you have any questions regarding the problem? Please Tick YES NO If YES please state ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Would you like to have a website? YES NO If no, why? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Would you like good computerized logos that will suite your company? Please Tick YES NO If YES please describe ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Input, Output, Process and Storage After I researched and looked at the various tasks, I can establish what the input, output and storage of the system is. Ease of use The final product of my travel agency which is computerized database will be much easier to use. Also it will be much faster as well. This is because we have been given a computer to complete the 4 tasks we have been given. The computer is good and fast equipment. So I think this way, the company will make a lot of progress. I no that it will take a long time but still, it is much faster and better way than storing database in file cabinets. Description of problem = 1 Plan of solution = 1 Methods = 1 Solution meets requirement = 1 Ease of use = 1 ?? ?? ?? ?? Name A02a Year ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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