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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1974

Creating an IT system.

Extracts from this document...


COMPUTING COURSE-WORK SECTION 1 - Analysis Introduction Addictive Gaming is a united kingdom gaming clan that has been owned by myself for the past two years. In the clan there are 6 other members, 7 in total including myself. The clan specialises in training on tactics regularly to play matches in tournaments, against other United Kingdom clans for large money prizes. So far Addictive Gaming has established a very big fan base of over 200 fans and have been very successful in become one of the top counter-strike clans in the United Kingdom. Addictive Gaming over the past two years has many results of previous counter-strike wars in our history and growing by the day. Currently all our previous results over the past two years are recorded on printouts. My current routine is too input current fixtures into the computer using a word processor and either print off 7 pages for each member. Once a fixture has turned into a result I then input the result into a large word processing file, which I print off every week. Due to the large amount of print offs of over 500 results printing the file every day would waste paper and time. Due to the large fixture and result paper base I and the other members have agreed that we are in need of a new system that will hold our new fixtures and previous results and will be able to allow us to modify and delete data. ...read more.


4) Each map in the database should be identified with an image to make it easier for members to understand if a map is new by the look of the image. 5) It should be possible to submit a result using some of the fixture data, which would save time as less input. 6) The new system should allow a hyperlink to the league URL to double check the league status. 7) The whole system should be menu driven and should all be loaded automatically. Data Flow of the new system Constraints and limitations I predict the new system that is to be developed will improve time efficiency Dramatically in recording 4 different categories of linked data. This should reflect on how the teams organisation and improve their control over matches. If this proves successful then the new system can be implemented and replace the current system of recording the specific data needed for members to type directly into the network and retrieve latest fixtures and results. Software We have all agreed that Microsoft Access 2000 would be a suitable program that would be able to develop the system due to members already familiar with how to navigate through a control aspect at an understandable level. However if an alternative more efficient program comes available and is suitable for our needs we may look into using it. Hardware To run Microsoft Access 2000 and be able to run the application smoothly during processing a PC with the following specifications would be suitable. ...read more.


ClanTag Text (20) Server Text (20) Password Text (50) AntiCheat Yes / No SkilledClan Yes / No Table: clan_leagues Attribute Name Comments Data Type And length Validation LeagueID* Automatically increment Long integer Unique primary key LeagueName Text (50) LeagueURL Skipped if there is none Hyperlink Must start with http:// League Description Memo Table: clan_maps Attribute Name Comments Data Type And length Validation MapID* Automatically increment Long integer Unique primary key MapName Text (20) MapImage Have to find image to link to on hard drive OLE Object Design of input forms 1. clan_addleague This form will be used for adding, modifying and deleting league records from and to the database. The leagueID field will be an integer field and will be the primary key field. This means the leagueID field will automatically create a new unique ID every time a member creates a new league record. 2. clan_addresult This form will be used for adding, modifying and deleting result records from and to the database. The ResultID field will be an integer field and will be the primary key field. This means the ResultID field will automatically create a new unique ID every time a member creates a new league record. Also the LeagueID will create a relationship with the clan_leagues table, the subform of clan_addfixture allows u to modify fixture elements and MapID creates a relationship with clan_fixtures and clan_maps so that when u select a map name in the combo box it changes Map image for that specific map name. Menu Design (Jacksons) Diagram The menu structure is as follows: Max Silva 12SE 1 ...read more.

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