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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1481

Creating an IT system for the video store Moviez Moviez Moviez.

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Identify Statement of the Problem As manager at the video store Moviez Moviez Moviez, Mr. Andy Richardson is responsible for sending letters out to customers. These are letters such as enquiries of overdue videos, account updating, new offers and money off vouchers. Usually each letter is written up by hand, where each address is also included, on a plain piece of paper. However, the number of customers is increasing so this process is getting harder. Normally he needs to contact several customers at once. This leads to him having to write the same letter over and over again. Also whenever he writes several letters about the same thing, the wording is obviously not the same, therefore he feels that this is unprofessional especially in addition to plain paper. Furthermore, he doesn't like having to write the customers address customer by customer, as sometimes addresses are written incorrectly. This is why Andy has asked me to come up with a solution to help him overcome his problem. Consideration of Alternative Solutions * Andy can write up one letter of each kind by hand. He can leave a space for the address and photocopy the letter each time he needs to send it. This would solve the repeated writing problem, but wouldn't solve the customer address problem, and this may lack in quality of presentation, as it wouldn't solve the plain paper problem. ...read more.


The hardware required will be the computer running the software. This consists of: * The monitor * Keyboard for data * Mouse for data entry * Colour printer for when Andy needs to print out the letters * Scanner to scan in logo Data Flow Data Input The existing logo will be scanned in. It will be copied and pasted into Word. The store name and addresses will be input via the keyboard into Word. This is same for the letter data. Output The letter templates will be created in Microsoft Word and output in printed form for sending it off to customers. The final letters will be printed out on ordinary A4 paper. This is most suitable for letters and is also of an affordable price. Although it would be quiet costly colour ink will be required to print out the letters. This is because Andy would like to establish the video store having a professional look rather than a cheap round the corner store. The letters can be printed in greyscale also for when Andy has a lot of customers to contact. Backup/Security Strategy The computer file containing the final designs must be backed up onto floppy disk at regular intervals. This separate copy should be kept in a different place from the computer, quite far away. This is to avoid it suffering any damages from natural hazards that the computer may come across. ...read more.


Update initial designs according to Andy's requirements. Create final designs. Week Three Implement final designs in Microsoft Word. Devise test plan. Implement testing and evaluation. Finish off. Test Plan In order to make sure that the letter template contains all of the information required that there are no errors and that it fulfils the requirements fulfilled by Andy, a test plan has been devised. This will be implemented once the designs have been finished. Test Description Method of testing 1 Is the programme easily photocopied? Check that the letter is A4 size and photocopy once to see that graphics are clearly visible. 2 Spelling, grammar Run a spellchecker first and then proofread it to spot any mistakes the checker has left out. 3 Correct data inserted? Check through all data 4 Prints correctly Press Merge to Printer button. The letters should print out. 5 Attractive? Ask 5 people if they think the letter is attractive 6 Able to view merged fields? Press the Merge Fields button on the Mail Merge toolbar. Each letter should be displayed according to its record number. 7 Does the read-only command work? When opening the files, the read-only recommendation pop-up should show up. Questionnaire 1. What is the full address of the video store? 2. What are the phone numbers? 3. Which colours would you like the letter to consist of? 4. What are the subjects that the letters will be based on? 5. Are you printing on A4 paper? 6. Is there anything else you would like included on the letter? Afshan Khan - 8053 Baylis Court School Page: ...read more.

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