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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1695

Creating an IT system.

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Analysis 3 Background 3 Description 3 Problem 5 User Requirements 5 Hardware and Software 5 Other Constraints /limitations 6 User's ICT skill levels/experience 6 Performance criteria - quantitative and qualitative 6 The New System 7 Design 8 Possible solutions 8 Chosen solution 8 Entity Relationship diagrams. 9 Table design 9 Testing Plan 11 Implementation 12 Testing 13 User guide 14 Evaluation 15 Analysis Background The user is my mum who is a Church administrator and the problem is that she has to order lots of different equipment that the Church uses. Most of the information is easily lost and a record needs to be kept of what they order each time. Also the bulbs and batteries are ordered from lots of different companies and she finds it hard to keep track of the different companies she needs to contact when she needs to purchase equipment. The church is also a registered charity. Description My Mum deals with typing up letters and notices, ordering equipment that needs to be ordered, photocopying, etc. At the moment the details of the suppliers are kept in files, in the office. Also they have to use separate sheets when amendments or additions are made to the list of suppliers. So when they need to order some equipment they have to find the contact details for the company that supplies that equipment and contact via phone, e-mail, fax or an order form. ...read more.


* My User Guide will be fully detailed using a technical approach that suits the needs of my user. Performance criteria - quantitative and qualitative Quantitative Criteria Current New Finding a suppliers address It takes several minutes at the moment The info should be returned in less than 5 seconds. Finding details of a supplier that supplies a particular item. It takes several minutes at the moment The info should be returned in less than 10 seconds. Finding details of what items are supplied by a particular supplier. It takes several minutes at the moment The info should be returned in less than 10 seconds. To produce a headed letter to a particular supplier. It takes several minutes to fill out an order form. It should take less than 1 minute to produce a headed letter to the supplier. Qualitative * The new system should be reliable. If there is a problem then there should be a section in the program where they can find help to solve the problem. * The new system should have the capacity to be able to store as much data as is needed as well as having data added to it. * The system should easy to use. There should be an online help system. ...read more.


A many - to - many relationship is unacceptable in a normal database so I have to add a link table between Supplier and Item to create two, one - to - many relationships. This is my second attempt at an entity relationship diagram and I have three one - to - many relationships which is acceptable in a normal database. Table design Supplier table Data Item Example Type Length Restrictions Supplier ID (primary key) 1 Auto number 2 Presence check Name Mail Print Ltd Text 25 Presence Check Address 25 Wren Road Text 50 E-mail address clive@hotmail.com Text 50 Telephone No 07145 220145 Text 20 Presence Check Fax No 020 8330 3222 Text 20 Items supplied Projector bulbs Text 50 Presence Check Account Number 2511423655 Text 50 Item table Data Item Example Type Length Restrictions Item ID (primary key) 5 Auto Number 2 Item Name Bulbs Text 50 Presence Check Product Code 1370018 Text 50 Stock table Data Item Example Type Length Restrictions Supplier ID (primary key) 1 Number 2 Presence Check Item ID (primary key) 5 Number 2 Presence Check Letter table Data Item Example Type Length Restrictions letter ID (primary key) 1 Number 2 Presence Check Description 'This is a letter to be sent to a particular supplier' text 32 Presence Check Letter Letter to supplier hyperlink Presence Check Testing Plan Implementation Testing User guide Evaluation Laura Rogers 13.5 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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