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Critical evaluation of my design - MillionAir.

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AO2/c Critical evaluation of each stage of your design. In my design stages, I made many changes throughout, however, the customer's questionnaire that was filled out, helped enormously, as it guided me to create new, up-to-date changes that will benefit the staff and customers even more than it currently does. The changes I made were not only beneficial to my company, but they were also beneficial to the customers as through the questionnaire, they were able to voice their opinions regarding the current situation and how the company could benefit from further help. Having done so, they have helped us to establish a clear indication of where we were going wrong with each the Database, Logo and the Documentation that was provided with each. Changes that have been made with each are listed below. In the database, I changed the fact that the information appeared as a table, and I changed that, so that it would benefit staff further, I changed it so that it would appear in a form layout. The staff benefit from this because they do not have to then stare at an open screen full of written material, therefore reducing the risk of health affections. A screenshot of the change is shown below. ...read more.


I used a computer because of these reasons, and for the one reason, that MillionAir were interested in building up a customer portfolio, and I thought that they would never do this unless they became a more organized establishment. Therefore, in the end, after discussions with the company, we decided upon two things, one was that we would create a logo to boost promotional value, and the second was that we would organize the customers' details neatly in a computerized, professional database. Both the logo and database were created on the computer, and so was the documentation to go with it, I think that creating it on the computer will have fantastic long-term benefits for the company in terms of health and safety, and in terms of business success. For MillionAir to have all customer details sorted in a computerized way, means that eventually, all the papers will be rid of, meaning that the office will look more cleaner, and it will look more appealing for outsiders, as well as the staff, who will benefit from a clean, paper-free environment to work in. Benefits and Drawbacks of my system for its users. My newly improved system gives a new outlook to the users as they can now function better and can get work done in a further efficient method. ...read more.


For the staff, it is one way to communicate changes that would have normally been difficult, easily. If information is being changed in the offices, the staff at the airport, or the staff who are at a distance, can have easier access, and once they refresh the page, they can easily check details, that have been changed, without any fuss. The owners of MillionAir have also benefitted because they will now visibly be able to see the change that one database is doing for them, or the logo, if it is used correctly, it could bring in lots of healthy business for them. Training requirements due to the new system. The members of staff at MillionAir are not accustomed to this sort of technology, that is why the management will have to pay extra money for them to receive the correct training in order for them to learn the basics on how to wok a system like theirs, without completely messing it up. The company employ several people, and to pay for each of them to learn these skills, works out expensive, plus for them to pay for several lessons, and not one, is even more expensive. However, if they went to employ an IT technician to teach them, it may work out a bit cheaper, but not a lot, they would still lose a lot of money in this way. ...read more.

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