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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 11326


Extracts from this document...


Unit 3-ICT and Society- Working Adult The Person I have chosen for my working adult is Mark Ward (Retail manager) of Woolworths in Greenford on Marylebone road; it is also the place where I had the opportunity to do my work experience there and investigate how is ICT used in their everyday lifestyle for all sorts of reasons. Mark usually makes sure that every employee has a job to do and they are doing their job properly, if you require any assistance or if you have any queries about something then he is the individual you need to go to. Mark also works around the store just like any other employee and makes sure everything is going well and that everyone is undertaking the job they have been given to do. Woolworth is a Retail shop; they have on which people can shop online at www.woolworths.co.uk and have can have their products delivered home to them within 5 working days. They have a huge team of employees who are properly and highly trained and they know how to handle difficult situations in difficult circumstances. They are very sensitive about health and safety and especially about the safety of their member of staff. They have a very good record of history of health and safety, to them health and safety of their employees and the customers is more important then anything else. Woolworths is not a big organisation so it doesn't have other organisations as their customers; they have other organisation such as: Pepsi as their suppliers who supply them with Pepsi drink in all sort of different types e.g. cans and bottles. Their customers are just any random people who come to shop for food and other equipments which include: garden, kitchen and other electrical equipments. What are the needs of Mark? Mark uses a IPOD to listen to music so when he is travelling form home to work on his journey he can let music relax him and keep you awake because he has to wake up early in the morning in order to start his shift. ...read more.


It also has wireless controls so there is no way that your control will not work because of no control wires you don't have to insert the control into the PS3 to play a game. It allows you to play up to 8 players. It has many other ports such as: the USB port. Why Mark uses the PS3 (What are his needs) Mark uses the Ps3 to keep himself entertained with his friends as the Ps3 allows you play online with the pupils who have internet connection through their PS3. The Ps3 is very beneficial as it allows Mark to play all the Ps3 games which are very exciting and enjoyable even from my own experience. The Ps3 also has a huge memory of 50GB so Mark doesn't have to keep buying new memory sticks to save more data on as the memory is very high he can store and save many games. The PS3 also allows multiplayer up to 8 players so Mark can play with many of his friends and family members but at specific games that allow the frequency of players. Ps3 is so far the latest, the most expensive and the most exciting console created so far as it created with professional tactics and techniques by Japan so it is very reliable as Japan has other consoles already in the market doing great business and making huge amount of profits e.g. of consoles: PS2 and PS1. How does it meet his needs? The Ps3 is very effective in meeting the needs of Mark as it allows him to connect to the internet and play all over the world with other people who have internet connection with Ps3 and his friends. it has a huge memory of 50GB so Mark can save enormous amount of game data into his Ps3 so Mark won't have to keep on buying new memory sticks to save his game data onto. ...read more.


An e.g. of more beneficial phone is N95; It isn't even expensive for the benefits it provides the user with. Effect on their working style The mobile phone effects Mark's working style a lot as it allows him to take pictures, record videos and sound so he can use any of these facilities in difficult and critical circumstances. He can use the Mobile phone to call the Police so if there was a robbery or a critical situation in which they could do nothing but make a call to the Police; In these situations they don't (shouldn't) have to put their own life in danger for the money or anything. The mobile phone doesn't change the amount of hours he works unless he is able control his staff using a Mobile Phone. So its not affecting his working style to the extent. Overall Conclusion Overall the technologies Mark uses mainly most of them meet Mark's needs to the extent as all the technologies Mark uses are very beneficial and advantageous to him. The technologies Mark uses are all for Personal, Social and Work-Related reasons, some of the technologies effect Mark's working style and working hours e.g. CCTV, Computer and Internet all these technologies save Mark a lot of work and trouble. Mark is able spend more time with his friends and family so that way he is paying attention to work and is being able to spend time wit his relatives but a disadvantage of working from home is that what he plans to get done, he may not be able to get it done as he will be at home and he will have no pressure of anyone watching over him, watching and making sure that he is doing the work and getting it completed by a specific deadline. Overall the Technologies Mark uses fully accomplish his needs to the extent. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 23 Bakhtawar Naveed ICT AND SOCIETY COURSEWORK Unit 3B ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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