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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 239

Data Handling- Recycling

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DATA HANDLING_ENTIRE COURSEWORK Spreadsheets, Design and Database Success criteria I have decided to set 3 success criteria's so that I know what I want-to achieve and I can see if I have achieved it at the end. They will all be what I want to find out from my database on recycling. ...read more.


My 3 Success criteria's 1. The database will reveal what the most popular item within females is. 2. The database will also show what method people use to recycle the most. 3. And lastly my database will show how many people are aware if their friends recycle. ...read more.


20///___21-40/////____41-50//// 51>/// 3. Are you Female or Male? Male//////// Female//////// I don't know 4. What item do you recycle the most? Paper//// Glass///_______Cardboard/____Clothes///___Other// 5. Where do you recycle? Bins/////___recycling center//__recycling box//___I don't/////// 6. How often to do you recycle? < Daily/_____2-3 days// Weekly/////____Never////// Other/ 7. Do you know what your areas recycling system is? Yes/////// No//////// 8. Do most of your friends recycle? Yes//// No//// I don't know////// ...read more.

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