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Data Validation and Verification

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Data Validation and Verification Computers can produce inaccurate results only if the data inputted is incorrect. If an input is scanned in by a computer this reduces the risk of errors. In my system it is important that all the data is accurate as well as correct. There are two main ways of achieving this. These are Verification and Validation. Verification allows me to ensure that the data entered into my system is correct. This is important since when a new patient comes to join I will need to collect the correct information. As for validation, this will be useful so you can set various checks and limit the mistakes in the data. Verification By verifying what the computer comes up with you can reduce errors, like if you are at a catalogue shop and you tell the person behind the till a number and it comes up with an item. This item is then checked with the customer to check that it is the right item. The item is then sent down from their storage floor and is again verified that it is indeed the correct item. This constant verification greatly reduces errors I will need to use verification in two scenarios. ...read more.


Validation Validation is the process of detecting any data that is inaccurate, incomplete or unreasonable. A computer programme performs validation. Validation programmes will perform some or all of the following checks Character type checks Character checks to make sure that the right type of characters have been entered such as characters where there should be characters and numbers where there should be numbers Range checks That a value entered is in the right range e.g. 18 is not a valid age for a pension Hash Totals This will check that the values on something like an invoice have been keyed in correctly the hash total has no real meaning as a number Control total A control total is like a hash total except the total has a meaning like the cost of something Check digits When a number is directly inputted to a computer there will be errors and check digits are a way around this we call barcodes International Standard Book Number or ISBN Spelling checkers Any software with words in it should have a spell checking function Length checks Sometimes a certain item of information should always be a certain number of characters, then the length checker will alert you that the values are incorrect Types of Errors There are two main types of errors these are: Transcription errors Misreading ...read more.


It also automatically makes a space within your Postcode. The final method of Validation used in my system is the combo box. With this it only allows for a set number of answers. Of course this can only be used on a field that only has set answers such as "sex" or "title". I have in fact used this on both of the prior mentioned. 1. Firstly I have set the type of control to Combo box. 2. In row source I have then chosen the values that you can select from. As you can see the only values selectable for the "title" table is Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and Doctor. This has set up my combo box for use in both my patient's form and table as you can see below. The above examples both show the combo box working successfully in my database. This actually limits the mistakes made since it is impossible to but Mr as MMR and Dr as SDFS. It allows is time saving and makes sure that the data isn't unreasonable and incomplete. As you can see the verification and validation methods used in my system enable me to have more accurate data, which is essential within a database of this importance. As the aim of this part of my system was, it allows me to ensure that the data input into my system is correct. Michael Valls 11E ...read more.

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