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Database advantages and disadvantages for a user.

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Database Advantages Tasks made easier for Steve Jones if a database was used. Creating and inserting records is quicker If Steve Jones used the paper based way of a database that really caused a lot of confusion within the company such as staff records were not stored in a proper manner neither was it stored in alphabetical order so this also caused a lot of hassle and trouble but if you were to have a database copy that is computerized it is easy to create and insert records quick then a paper copy. You can sort the records in any order In database, when it came down to them looking for a certain employee or if that employee leaves this could potentially waste a lot of time if you were to have a computerised copy of the database it would have been simple to find any record, pressing the sort button it puts it into alphabetical order and by using the filter button which is on the toolbar under "records" and ...read more.


Data is more easily shared If Steve Jones using database in the company. Database will keep all information together and it is very useful and easier to share information to everyone by E-mail. If information is on a cards, they could lose and will takes time than go by one computer to shared information. Compiling reports which draw data from many records is much easier All the data can be mess up if Steve Jones used report card because all the report cards has to written out by hand and it can take time and mistake. With database can be very helpful because all the data will be created in table and it will be easier to create a report from that. It also can save time and more organised. Errors can be controlled It is easy for Steve Jones to make mistake when entering summarised information to help them make decisions such as what Pc to keep and which to replace because they have to re-occurring faults in the future. ...read more.


If the company were to create the database they would have to make sure all staffs are specially trained so that no errors may occur for example with the report cards can appear very different from another. This mean bad writing can unable to read and end up in the wrong place looking for the wrong Pc to repaired. The company need to make sure they all take extra care when dealing with the database. If the database stores data about real people then it must be registered with the Data Protection Act and its requirements must be complied with. Yes, They will had trouble putting a real people information in database because the company to be carefully with how they keep or write information about staff data. If they put wrong or false staff data in the database, they could get caught according to data protection. They were also unsure of any legislation that applied to the storage of personal data, any data that stores information about staff information must be registered with the data protection act and its requirements. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nanta Pullsri ...read more.

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