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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4089

Database Analysis and Database Design Project - DVD library for moving images.

Extracts from this document...


DATABASE ANALYSIS AND DATABASE DESIGN PROJECT DVD LIBRARY FOR MOVING IMAGES CARLOS ALBERTO MONTOYA HNC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (FAST TRACK). LECTURER: SHARON MUNCIE TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 ASSIGNMENT 3 INTRODUCTION 6 REQUIREMENTS OF THE NEW SYSTEM 6 ADVANTAGES OF COMPUTER BASED SYSTEM 7 MOVING IMAGES DATABASE DESIGN 8 ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMS - CONCEPTUAL MODEL 8 ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM - LOGICAL MODEL 9 DATABASE SCHEME 10 MOVING IMAGES DATA DICTIONARY 13 IMPLEMENTATION 16 RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TABLES 22 PROTOTYPES OF USER INTERFACE 23 VERIFYING AND EVALUATING MY DESIGN 25 MOVING IMAGES 25 TESTING BUTTONS 26 TESTING THE QUERIES 29 TESTING REPORTS 34 REPORT BASED ON QUERIES 37 EVALUATION 42 ASSIGNMENT Moving Images operates a DVD library. The library has a large number of titles, each title having at least one copy. Each title falls into a specific category some of these are adventure, thriller, fantasy, action or education. (There are others) All titles are loan only to registered members of Moving Images. Information is keep about the members is only personal details including name, address and contact number. Any titles overdue incur a surcharge of 50% of the loan fee. As an employee of a software company, you are required to design a Relational Database for Moving Images. The client requires that information is stored so that they can maintain details of all of their DVD's, they wish to track loaned titles and check on overdue titles. They also require the facility to produce ad-hoc reports. You need to use appropriate Data Analysis and Database Design Techniques to structure your data and build the database system. Notes must be made in all stages of the process from Analysis through to Implementation and Testing. Learning Outcomes Students will be able to: 1. Design Small Databases 1.1 Apply data analysis and design techniques for a given context 1.2 Verify that a design meets user requirements 1.3 Use appropriate software to document designs 2. ...read more.


on the expired date the customer is given 1460 days or three years and the default value is Date()+1460 which means that it is the actual date plus 1460 days. I also got a foreign key (title) this will crate the relationship between the title table and the customers table. One title can be use by many customers DVDs TABLE * DVD_ID * DVD_TITLE * DIRECTOR * ACTOR * CATGEGORY_DESCRIPTION * RATING * PRODUCER * COPIES On the DVDs table I also used autonumber for DVD_ID because it becomes the unique identifier for that DVD and also becomes the primary key for this table. I also have two foreign keys from different tables one foreign key is: category_description from the category table and the other one is rating from the rating table. This two foreign keys will create the relationship between the three tables. One rating can be use by many DVDs and many DVDs can use one category. LOANS TABLE * LOAN_ID * MEMBER_ID * DVD_ID * QUANTITY * PRICE * DATE_OUT * DATE_IN * TOTAL In the loan table I used the autonumber for the loan id which will be unique and because is unique it will become the primary key for this table. The two foreign keys are member's id from members table and DVD id from the DVD table. With this two foreign keys the relationship between the three tables will be possible One member can take many loans and many loads can have one DVD. TITLE TABLE * TITLE This table is only one field (title) and that title being the only one becomes the primary key of that table and the foreign key in the members table to create the relationship. CATEGORY TABLE * CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION This table also has one field (category_description) and being the only one it becomes the primary key on this table and then becomes the foreign key on the DVD table to create the relationship between the two tables. ...read more.


> Edit customer's details This user requirement has been met by creating command button on the main menu call existing member, this command button will then open the manager's login and then the user will be allow to enter to the area where all the information for the customers has been stored and edit any information for an existing customer. > Add new DVDs This user requirement has been met by creating in a very similar way a form on the main menu called new DVDs and it will work in the same way the new member form does. Any new DVD that is enter in to the system will then be save in the DVDs table. > Edit DVDs' details This requirement has been met by creation a command button on the main menu, very similar to the way the user changes members details, a login form will then open and after the user has login the second menu comes up and in there will be a command button called existing DVDs, this will open a form for the user to find any DVD store in the system and changes any information about that DVD. > Rent DVDs (only to register members) When a customer will rent a DVD the customer id must be provide if the customer is not a register customer but a potential customer he would be ask to register with moving images otherwise not DVD would be rented to that person. > Track Loans This could be done through a query (loans query), this will show the user all the information about any DVD that has not been return yet and also will be able to find if any DVD is late for return and how much the surcharge is. The daily surcharge for any DVD that is return late is �1.50. HNC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING 2 CARLOS MONTOYA DATABASE ANALYSIS AND DESIGN ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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