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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3532

Database coursework

Extracts from this document...


19 April 2010 Database Coursework Mahamed [Pick the date] Write up Identify Background Information Bobbies Bookstore is a new bookstore based on 90 Birmingham roads. The bookstore opened few months ago. The company takes its name from Bobbie, the Greek god of Carrots. Bobbie's book store markets its products under its own brand as well as Bobbie Read Store, Bobbie Learn, Brother Bobbies Books. The company's business will be on local level.. Bobbie's book store wants to deliver high quality books and services. Bobbies Book Store opened 2009/10/12. The company's board consist of 6(key) members * Manager (Mr Bobbie) (Real user) * Vice Manager (Mr Carrot) * Chair man (Mr Wood ) * Secretary (Mrs Paper) * Vice Secretary (Mr Folder) * Treasurer (Mr Coin ) The real user is the employees and the manager (Mr Bobbie).He(manager) is the company's key person he is also the person that ordered this project The company's current problem is: * The company is new * The company has not recorded documents before * The company has constantly new books * The company have no database available The reason why these problems have arisen is because the company is new. The company has not had the opportunity to do something about the arisen problems. Statement of the current problems "The company is currently facing difficulties with accounting books, services and other data. We have no current system to support accounting or recording the companies' data/information. The company needs these problems to be solved as soon as possible, as we are ready in all other aspects to go in business. As an outcome of an not working accounting system, could lead to Money losses and unstable company as well as bankruptcy .The outcome of an not working system is a serious threat to the company's future and our chance to compete against other companies. As the companies head person I want you to create a working system to meet these needs. ...read more.


The PC will be used by the employees and managers, mainly the emploooyes to edit, retrieve and use information in the database. Software * Windows Vista(tm) Home Premium(plat form ) * Necessary drives to additional hardware (mouse,keyboard,USB sticks ) * Graphic software * Web-browser * Microsoft Access 2007 The software that will be used for the creation of this Database will be Microsoft Access. Access is an excellent database creating software, which may not be very easy to use but once made the outcome is absolutely fantastic. Data collection Every time a customer buys something their details will be entered into a database. General data flow What information do I need to gather and where will it come from? The data will be collected when customers buys/lends books from our company. When the data has been collected it will go onto the database once a day We have chosen once a day because we have seen the needs, and they are big. The collected data will consist of numbers and words, everything from book names, prices, customer age, and genre to taxes. The information we collect will be in hard copy. Information from the company like prices and book names and information about the company itself will come from the companies head office (the company) When all data is collected it will be processed by database program (Microsoft Access) The data required to assemble this database carrying information about books and customers. Much of the information will come from the company itself such as * Books available * Books reference number * Area * Book prices But some of the information will come from customers such as * Name and surname * Age * Address * E-mail * Gender Data Manipulation The tables in the system will be Books, Books Price, Customers, and Sales Books [Reference No, Book Title, Author, Supplier, Gender, Area] Books Price [Reference No, Purchase, Selling Price, Closing Stock] Customers [Customer name, First name, Surname, telephone ,Address 1, Address 2,Postcode,E-Mail, City] 9 Reports and. ...read more.


* Produce rapports This objective has successfully been achieved, the reports has been produces and the end user is satisfied. 3 reports has produced * look up data(Queries) This objective has successfully been achieved. The database contains enough data(information) to do multiple queries (different criterias). I have done 3 quires * Produce Forms This objective has successfully been achieved. The forms has been designed according to the designs and fully implemented. I have done 3 formsquires * Be user friendly The database is easy to use and works without problems. * Be printable Al of the forms can be printed .i have myself printed out some ,it fits perfectly in A4 paper. User Feedback Dear database Designer, I am very impressed with the database you have designed for My Company in Fire roads Birmingham. I am very ecstatic that you were able to get all our customer details in so easily and I'm so happy that it is so easy to use, it will be very easy to update so will bring in great revenue.. However I found that some of the information you have put into the database is quite useless so I would like to see less information that is useless and more information that tells the user what the database will help the company and how they are to use it. Also I need the database to be more friendly and easy for me to change the information if I needed to change it. Please could you fix these problems and give me the database and I hope I will be able to successfully use it. Everything else on the database is absolutely fabulous. Thank You Mr Carrot Improvements from user feedback Based on the user feedback I will have to cut out some of the useless information and add more information that is not useless .then It should be very easy to use the database, users won't need much training on how to use and update the database. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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