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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4830

Database design.

Extracts from this document...


Contents Introduction 2 Explanation of databases and why they would be of use to this system 2 What is a database? 2 Data and information 2 Databases on computer 2 Relational Databases 3 How a database will aid this system 3 Visit To The Video Store 4 Aims 4 Explanation of the entities and attributes 5 Entities 5 Attributes 5 Logical data models 6 Entity Relationship-diagram 6 Explanation of normalisation 8 Task 4 9 User Documentation 9 Step one 9 Step three 9 Deleting a record 11 Adding a record 12 Amending a record 13 How to use a form 14 Technical documentation 15 Creating a lookup box 16 Creating the forms 19 Your form: 21 Creating A Report 23 Creating a macro 27 Creating the main menu 30 Data Dictionary 33 Output from queries and reports 36 Database Structure 39 Acceptable data 40 Task 5 41 Testing of the Database 43 Time Management 49 Introduction Every Weekend I rent a Video or DVD from my local videostore in Dungannon, and when I ask about new releases the employee behind the desk sits rummaging through lots and lots of file paper. I can see where they have taken down details of the person renting the filming in one column and in another the film number. I think they would be better off with a computer, so I put that idea to them and they said, "how would a computer help us?" so I would like to give them my answer by designing a database for them that not only is organised but very secure. Explanation of databases and why they would be of use to this system What is a database? A database is a collection of information put together in an organised way so that it is easy to retrieve. The first databases systems built upon the SQL standard started to appear at the beginning of the 1980's from Oracle with Oracle Version 2, and later SQL/DS from IBM, as well as a host of other systems from other companies. ...read more.


This is my design for the rent table there is no key field as there are two foreign key fields which means two fields are the key fields in another table. This is the design for the video table the key field is the video ID. This is an example of lookup as the video category has only a few possibilities I put it in a lookup table. Which means on the forms you can chose from the scroll down table. I have displayed how to make one later on in my assignment. This is an example of validation, as the user must enter in the deposit for the video. It must be between �2 and �10. If it is not then a message comes up which explains you must enter a price between the following range. This is an example of my input masks, I think best one for this is the postcode as all post codes are the same which is letter, letter number Entering data into the database The design screen below will now appear and then you can start to type in the attributes of the entities. These entities will be Customer, Video and Rent. When we are in the design view we can then enter the data into the Field name column, this will be the Key field that is in the first row. I will not have an AutoNumber as the number that I want will be 5 characters long and AutoNumber's will start at 1,2,3,4 and so on. There is a little key shape at the side of the row number that indicates that the patient number is the Key field. In order for me to only allow 5 digits I type 99999 this will allow values from 00001 to 99999 to be entered in this field. Creating a lookup box To create a lookup you must first go to the field name you want to be a lookup. ...read more.


All tables Does the validation work I typed a value under the minimum value There will be a error message There was an error message I entered an input mask so as the exact values will be entered Testing number 1 Witnessed by________________ Testing number 2 Testing number 3 Testing number 4 Testing number 5 All the rest of the combo boxes work also but there is no sense showing them, as it will be very repetitive. Testing number 6 Testing number 7 Witnessed by __________________ Testing number 8 ACCEPTABLE DATA Time Management Date Deadline Action Criteria met Problems Resources Used Date completed ___/___/03 5th December Task 1 Introduction Explanation of databases and why they would be of use to this system ___/___/03 ___/___/03 5th December Task 2 Explain the entities and attributes Explain the reports and queries that are generated from a database E2 E3 ___/___/03 ___/___/03 5th December Task 3 Explain normalisation Normalise all the data to 3NF Showing your graphical images to help to design it E1 A1 ___/___/03 ___/___/03 5th December Task 5 Create a working database that allows users to append, delete, edit data and initiate queries and print reports Test the system to check for effective validation procedures in place and check the reliability of the data within the range. E3 A2 A3 ___/___/03 ___/___/03 5th December Task 4 Create a user friendly database so as novice users can use it E5 A4 E7 C2 ___/___/03 ___/___/03 5th December Task 6 Show clear definitions of the following; A database structure and data relationships A data dictionary The range of acceptable data Example output from queries and reports E6 ___/___/03 Advanced VCE ICT Name: Centre no: 71655 Candidate no: 8080 Peadar Mc Kenna 7 Peadar Mc Kenna Centre No 71655 Candidate No 8080 Name: Centre no: 71655 Candidate no::8080 Peadar Mc Kenna 46 Advanced VCE ICT Name: Peadar Mc Kenna Centre no: 71655 Candidate no: 8080 47 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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