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Database design

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Detailed Analysis The data which is likely to be required to be entered in each of the three categories, which are cottages, customers and booking, include the following: Cottages: * Cottage No/name * Type of cottage * Number of room in the cottage * Cottage price- by size of cottage * Peak/ off peak * Cottage location Customer: * Customer name * Customer address * Customer contact No * Customer email address if required * Customer D.O.B * Cottage type selected * Total amount to be paid * Number of weeks staying Booking: * Cottage model No * Payment method by credit card of debid card * Booking payment * Cottage type * Date booked * Arrival date * Departure date * No of days The validation checks which are likely to be required on this data are: 1 Data type 2 Input mask 3 Presence check 4 Range check 5 Format The invoices will be produced for booking which have been accepted. The content of a typical invoice will include: * Name of customer * Customer personal information such as address * Cottage booking information * Duration of stay ...read more.


This will enable staff to respond quickly to telephone enquiries. They will also be able to process incoming cottage booking more quickly- so as to provide much increased customer satisfaction with the service, as well as reducing administration costs. At the same time it is expected the system will be much better at providing management information. SYSTEM SCOPE The new system will replace the existing system (which only records Cottages information and prints these on reports to the management) so as to include all processing of a customer's booking through to recording it's its cottage number, time and date. The system should provide full management information about renting. The new system will not allow users to see which cottages are available (empty) and who allocated to the cottage (landlord). However if possible the system should be built so that this can be done in the future. The system will perform various validation checks on most of the documents, such as the entry of data regarding customer, cottages and bookings. The computer will detect and therefore output error messages, so that the user can then correct any errors he/she has made. ...read more.


Ideally allow postcode look-ups of addresses. 5 Allow look up of available cottage 6 Record money received from customers in finance OUTPUT 7 Create invoices for cottage booking which are available. 8 Provide reports on best customers and landlords - over varying periods of time. 9 Allow the creation of future reports on booking which are not yet specified 10 Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly letting lists 11 Print out of reports which provide information to Qualcotts management about the booking that they have taken. PROCESSING 1 Automatically price booking - including discounts available The system should be developed to use the standard colours and logos throughout. Most users of the system should be able to use the system without extra software training (for example in ACCESS) although they will obviously need training to use the system itself. The user was interested in providing a capability for customers to order directly onto a Qualcotts web site on the Internet. Although this is not part of the scope of the proposed project, in the future it is expected that this will be required so the project should try to ensure that the project work can be used as the basis for this future capability. Input specification Output specification ...read more.

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