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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5275

Database design for a farmers herd book.

Extracts from this document...


Contents Task 1 2 Introduction 2 Explanation of databases and why they would be of use to this system 2 What is a database? 2 Data and information 2 Databases on computer 2 Relational Databases 3 How a database will aid this system 3 Task 2 4 Explanation of the entities and attributes 4 Logical data models 7 Entity Relationship-diagram 9 Task 3 11 Explanation of normalisation 11 Task 4 12 User Documentation 12 Deleting a record 16 Adding a record 17 Amending a record 17 How to use a form 18 Technical documentation 18 Entering data into the database 18 Creating the forms 19 Creating the reports 20 Creatingc a macro 21 Creating the main menu 22 Data Dictionary 24 Output from queries and reports 27 Database Structure 27 Acceptable data 28 Task 5 30 Testing of the Database 31 Time Management 37 Task 1 Introduction In this unit I have chosen to do my database on a herd book. The reason that I chose a herd book is because I have a lot of interest in cattle and in the farm that I work on my father's farm. I think that from the paper work end of farming it would be much better if a small computerised system was introduced it would save me and my father a lot of time. I was talking to my father about making a database system and explained to him what a database system is and how a database would save him a lot of time and a lot less usage of paper work and he would benefit from using a database system. Explanation of databases and why they would be of use to this system What is a database? A database is a collection of data of related data held in an organised way. A database is used to store large amounts of data so that the user can obtain the information needed when required and in an easy to understand form. ...read more.


Task 4 User Documentation Step one In order to load up the spreadsheet you have to click on the Microsoft access icon on the desktop when this has been done then you will have the following appear; You enter blank database by clicking on the and then clicking on the OK button. Step two Once you have opened the database then you have to decide where you are going to save it. In order to save it you have to click on the and then you will be able to save it to where ever you want. You enter the name - I have chosen database then click on the create button Step three The screen below will now emerge. As you can see the name of the database is show "database". It is important to know that when you are creating the database that when you are in Microsoft Access that you first click . After you have clicked new then the "New Table" window will appear: It is very important that you click design view, as this will take you into your design view; Deleting a record When deleting a record you have to click on the delete button shown below After you have clicked on this button then the following message will appear Adding a record When you are going to add a record all you have to do is to click on the add button as shown below; Amending a record Amending a record is simple. As you can see the highlighted field has got the name factory in it, this is correct so all you have to do to click on the arrow for the combo box, and on the destination that the animal went to but if you typed in a destination that is not in the combo box it wont be entered. How to use a form When using this form there is ver y little to do as there is so many drop down selection boxes to use. ...read more.


Testing number 4 For this test I tried to type in �9,999 but it wouldn't let me continue because I know that I wouldn't get that amount of money so I have to enter a number above or equal to zero and below two thousand. Testing number 5 I clicked on the arrow and the combo box appeared and the rest of the combo boxes work the same as this one. Testing number 6 As you can see beside ear tag the control tip text is working. Testing number 7 Witnessed by Testing number 8 In this test I tried not to enter anything into any of the fields but a message came up not letting me to continue Time Management Date Deadline Action Criteria met Problems Resources Used Date completed ___/___/01 13th February Task 1 Introduction Explanation of databases and why they would be of use to this system yes none ___/___/01 ___/___/01 20th February Task 2 Explain the entities and attributes Explain the reports and queries that are generated from a database E2 E3 yes none ___/___/01 ___/___/01 27th February Task 3 Explain normalisation Normalise all the data to 3NF Showing your graphical images to help to design it E1 A1 yes none ___/___/01 ___/___/01 6th March Task 5 Create a working database that allows users to append, delete, edit data and initiate queries and print reports Test the system to check for effective validation procedures in place and check the reliability of the data within the range. E3 A2 A3 yes none ___/___/01 ___/___/01 13th March Task 4 Create a user friendly database so as novice users can use it E5 A4 E7 C2yes none ___/___/01 ___/___/01 20th March Task 6 Show clear definitions of the following; A database structure and data relationships A data dictionary The range of acceptable data Example output from queries and reports E6 ___/___/01 Advanced VCE ICT Name: Declan Small Centre no: 71655 Candidate no:: Page no 37 Advanced VCE ICT Name: Centre no: 71655 Candidate no: 48 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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