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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4500

Database design for a games shop.

Extracts from this document...


Database Coursework Contents: Task 1; Identify: Organization: page 3 Problem: page 3/4 Solutions: page 4/5 User requirements: page 5/6 Task 2; Analyze Hardware page 7 Software page 7 Data collection page 7 Data manipulation page 8 Data flow page 8 Outputs page 9 Back up methods page 9 Security methods page 9 Task 3; Design Initial design page 11 Final design page 14 Test plan (expected results) page 15 Feedback from user page 16 Task 4; Implement Presentation Test plan (actual results) page 18 Task 5; Evaluation: Quantitative objectives page 20 User feedback page 20 Evaluate page 21 Identify My client The name of my client is MR. Walcott, he is lazy and unemployed, he loves his video games, and whenever there was a new game out MR. Walcott had it, whether it was for PS3, Nintendo wii and Xbox. He had so many games that after a while he started lending some games to his family and friends, this became so popular hence the reason he decided to start a mini business of loaning games for a small fee to family and friend. This became very famous that his little brother, Ben and his friends decided to loan of him and after 3 months Mr. Walcott decided it's time to make his business official. MR. Walcott and Ben are both laid-back men He set up his business in south London's best location, Croydon, his shop is called blockgamester, and on 28/12/2004 he opened his business. His little brother Ben worked with him, Ben charged �1 a day for the game and maximum time was ten days, he used to record data such as his customers and time loaned on scrap paper. MR. Walcott decided to stick with this idea as it was the quickest and easiest way for him. They decided only one person will work at the shop at a time The problem The problem is that MR. ...read more.


The password must have 6 letter and 2 numbers. You should have a password on the database just to make sure nobody can hijack it and get private and confidential client information. Design On the following pages are my initial designs which will be viewed by Mr. Walcott and then improved following his feedback. Here is some information on the initial designs which I will create and they solve the problem of the user: * Games and members details form: the games details and members details forms was one of the main problems Mr. Walcott had. My solution will allow MR. Walcott to just type in the data into the relevant field hence the database will update automatically. There will be a primary key, this will help incase there is a confusion. * Games by genre report: this report helps MR. Walcott because he wanted to find out which games were more popular and this multi file report does just that, it contains information about how many people rented out a certain game of a certain genre. After concluding MR. Walcott can use it to help his business. * Rentals form: this form contains a foreign key from the members and games table. Mr. Walcott will be able to input data of all the transactions. However he will not be able to input transaction details of a member that does not exist. This is very useful for members and Mr. Walcott. * Mail-merged letter: Mr. Walcott required sending all of his members who are overdue a letter and this fulfills his wishes. It will get the names of the customers that are overdue from overdue rentals search query. * Overdue members contact sheet: this is a easy access sheet which will be printable, it has all the information about the clients who are overdue. * Overdue rentals-query based report: in this report it has information about the overdue customers who have not responded to emails. ...read more.


I believe I should have had time on the main menu form and this would help Mr. Walcott opened the database whenever he intended to. Also I should have carried out an investigation into why it would not automatically update and should have solved this. Overall I believe there were a few niggles with the database but I tried to solve the problem and Mr. Walcott's problem, I believed I passed the test. My user requirements and how I achieved them: After having a meeting with MR. Walcott and Ben they have set me the following user requirements, I achieved them: * The system should have a menu option. * The menu should have a rental section. * The system should have information about his games. * The system should have information about customers. * The system should have information about transactions. * The system should be able to recover information by entering the customer's name. * The system should be able to show overdue games. * The system should have a printable list of people who have an overdue game. * The system should be easy to use. * The system should be secure. * The system should not mix up any data. * We spoke over the phone about minor requirements which you will see later in the database Evaluation of above user requirements * The database has a menu system. * In the database on the menu system there is a rental section. * The database has information about the game, there is a games table. * The database has information about the customers, there is a customer table. * The database has information about the transactions, there a rentals table. * The database can search, overdue search. When query run brings up information. * The system provides you with information, regarding the customers which are overdue with a game. * There is a print button on a report * The system is clear, easy to use, helpful and does not give any problems. ...read more.

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