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Database - In this report I plan to type out all the information, which I had researched. This will include the video tables, membership table and the loans table. The information I will use in the video table is video number, video title,

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Database Report. Introduction: A database is a collection of related data items, which are structured and linked so that the data can be accessed in a number of ways. The function of a database is to hold information on a computer. Often the information stored is very large and it would take a long time for us to search through if it was written on paper. Holding the information in a database enables us to search very quickly and to sort the information easily. All this information is for my video store. Planning: In this report I plan to type out all the information, which I had researched. This will include the video tables, membership table and the loans table. The information I will use in the video table is video number, video title, The information I will use in the membership table is the membership number, surname, forename, address, postcode, gender, age, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail, and fax. The information I will use in the loans table is loans ID, membership number, video number, date out, date due and returned. I will also be creating the database table, when creating a new database, I will first have to list all the fields needed (above). For each field decide what type of data it will be, for example age will be a number field. I will also have to be careful with some fields that appear to be numeric fields but are actually text fields, telephones fall into this category. ...read more.


You could also choose a secondary field to sort which could be the forename in case there where other people with the same surname. You would then decide whether the data should be in ascending order (a-z) or in a descending order (z-a). When you do a sort the numbers will come before letters and depending on the database lower case letters will come before upper case letters. I will also be describing searching, which is when you are able to retrieve information from a database, particularly from a large database. The computer taking the users request and searching for a match in the database does this. I will show all the steps used in the method. I will also do a validation. Method: Results: I had two options in sorting my database. The first was by the doing a membership report that was accessed by accessing Microsoft Access and then a new menue came up with a scroll on the left hand side. You then scroll down to an option labelled report, then on the right it will have two options the first saying and the second saying "create by using wizard". Next a new menue will appear and it will ask you what type of report you would like. You have a choice of doing a membership report, video report and a loans report. I will do the membership report which you then have to transfer all the information onto the other side by clicking ...read more.


a window will appear, from the tables/queries bar at the top select either the membership table, video table or loans table, from this selection the available fields will appear underneath the tables/queries menu. You then transfer all the available fields across to the left side of the screen. Select next, On the next screen I had to click on detail, next I had to save my work as, either video table, membership table or loans table query. Here are my video table queries below: Video table query. Membership table query: Loans table query: Evaluation: My Database includes all of the users need's, such as the videos that have been loaned and the return by date. Improvements I can make are to make my Cell's better formatted and make it show all the information needed, and all the information needed for the video store manager to examine customers choice in rental movies. To keep my work safe I will save it on to a floppy disk and it will be kept safe from any damage, I will also save my work to my user name, which requires a password. My self and my teacher only know this password, so if there are any errors either my teacher or I can correct them. I will also check for simple spelling or grammar mistakes by using the grammar or spell check functions. I could also have extra passwords for better safety precautions. These will be added on to the computer and my floppy disk. Zuber Din Mir T079648 Leytonstone School 13411 1 ...read more.

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