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database intro

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ICT COURSEWORK This coursework will include the following detail and steps that were used by me to implement this database. This will consist of five sections: * Identify: This will include the problem, which is a brief overview of why the company's data should be looked up automatically, the users, the alternative solutions and the quantitative objectives. * Analyse: I will be explaining the hardware and software, the back up system and security of the database. I will also be showing the flow diagram of how the database I made. * Design: this will include the initial design, final design the user comments and the test plan, which is used to test the reliability of the coursework. * Implement: this will include the evidence of error correction, of testing and of the problem solutions which forms part of the design. * Evaluation: this will include the evaluations of the objectives, the user comments and the further improvements which can be made to enhance the database. Identify Introduction: Saqib video store is a medium size rental shop, which is located in Wimbledon, it's been open since the year 1999 and has been a successful investment ever since. The opening of the video store was a huge success and attracted many people. The shop rents out numerous films of every genre at different price range etc. It consists of at least 5000 loaned videos, 50 members of staff at different job status and about 100 customers that have signed up to this video store. ...read more.


Real User The real users are the staff members of the video shop. The reason for that is because that they are the ones who are going to be using the system. Why is ICT a suitable way of solving this problem: Why is ICT a suitable way of solving this problem: Using an ICT solution will be a suitable way of solving this problem because it is quicker, easier and more accurate to use. Data can be saved on the computer; this allows you to print lost data easily. You can keep large amounts of information in a small place. Searching for records will be quick and fewer staff will be needed to look after the system. A computerized system would save time, would look far more presentable than a paper based one and be more accurate A paper based system is time consuming and errors can be made easily. Duplicates of mistakes on a hand written system are likely and the system would have to be rewritten, which will waste Illegible handwriting would be hard to read and could create errors and confusion. I am going to use a Mc Access so that I can create a database that will store necessary details and allows easy input of data. It will enable to sort and filter information and provide useful reports. It would be easier to create registered forms and input them within the database. ...read more.


MS Excel is a spreadsheet based program which allows you to get the most out of your data. The tools within the software are great and enable you to analyze, capture ad share information which can be protected and controlled more efficiently. Data can be put into charts, graphs and tables. MS Excel has a range of functions (e.g. SUM) that let you analyze numerical information accurately. Microsoft Access (Ms Access) Microsoft Access allows you to create powerful databases solutions that let you analyze, organize and share information more effectively, quickly and easily. Tables from other MS Access and MS Excel files can also be linked to your work checking feature allow common errors in form and reports ,to be tested and fixed faster and if you alter a field is bound to be updated automatically. Most often Access databases are used for mailing lists, phone lists and as address books. Access is a relational database management system that can allow the use of complex searches such as queries. I have chosen the software Microsoft Access: Access is the preferred software over other types of software because of its capability to create complex searches called queries, produce reports, and convenient data entry forms. The database created on Access can also be made relational to link files together and further improve it. Mistakes are limited because of the many and useful validation checks like presence checks, length checks and character type or format checks. The database can also be made password protected to ensure its security. ?? ?? ?? ?? Iram Ahmad Database Coursework Yr 11g ...read more.

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