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database project

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The aim of this task ,is to improve the existing system that southall illustration use, which is paper- based system that use to produce invoices and tracking customer's orders, and all financial information by the introducing a database system . I need to justify the use of a database system by comparing Access with at least one other package such as; Excel. Excel can be used as a database but it has severe limitations. In Access, southall illustration can do complex searches called Queries, produce quality Reports and suitable data entry forms. The company can also improve the database by making it relational. Excel is more suited to performing calculations functions. A relational database application such as Access is better than Excel because it can mean the employee can spend less time on data entry and fewer errors. Access saves files in MDB (Microsoft Database) format. It compresses all your tables, forms, queries and reports into a single file. Sometimes it will be enough for southall illustration employee to see information on the screen but, on other occasion, they may need a printed report. Complicated queries such as a duplicates query so they can produce a graph of how many customers etc there were in the total database - much easier in Access because there's a wizard for it. ...read more.


* Data can be moved easily into other applications e.g. a mail merged letter so the company could save time in managing their business. * More than one computer can access the data at the same time that could save time for employee to do their work. * It is easy to add/change information. Southall illustration make use of the database system to store the detail of customers, employee, design templates, invoice and order details, I had produced five tables and entered different types of information. How did I design the Tables? * I Select Tables in the Object bar The purpose of each table in my database design Customers detail table - this will hold details such as the name and address of existing customers Design table - this will hold details such as the design Id, font and the colour of the design templates Employee table - this will hold details such as the employee firs name, last name, DOB, address and so on Invoice table this will hold details such as the invoice Id, order date, quantity, ship name, and ship address Order table -this will hold details such as the customer Id, invoice Id, design Id, employee Id, quantity and unit price Relationship Relationships used ...read more.


* Click on the Reports button and then double-click on Create report by using wizard. * The next Report Wizard Box appears. * The next Report Wizard box appears, that will allow you to sort your report * Then chose the style you like to appear in your report Southall Illustration invoice Report Southall illustration invoice query Report Data dictionary Customer table Design table Employee table Invoice table Order table Test plan Testing is the process of checking all the function of the system work as planned and gives correct result. The main reason for test plan is to produce a test plan that would enable someone who knows nothing about the system to be able to test it thoroughly. Test No. Test /Data Reason for the test Expected Result Errors and problem 1 Validation 0905/07 Test validation rule on Employee Id field Rejected and error message to appear N/A 2 Report Examine the logo reports 0905/07 To check picture appears correctly The logo appears on both reports N/A 3 Queries Customer ID query 0905/07 To check that query works The customers Id are displayed N/A 4 Tables 0905/07 To check if the entries in data type were entered correctly all the entries are correct N/A Validation Test validation rule on Employee Id field Report Examine the logo reports Queries To check that query works ...read more.

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