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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2063

Database Project

Extracts from this document...


. INTRO PLAN I have decided to create these customer questions in order to be aware of what my database must tell me. My database must be created so it can take these questions and give answers. 1) Do you have a Diesel Nissan Primera for under �5000? 2) Do you have a new Citroen X Sara Picasso for under �20000? 3) Do you have a Mercedes Benz, under the price of �15000? 4) Do you have a White Smart Car for under �10000? 5) Do you have a brand new Toyota Avensis under �10000? 6) How much will you sell a Toyota for? 7) Do you have a Ferrari for under �25000? 8) Do you have a brand new Renault Scenic for up to �10000? A local car dealer and his assistant confirmed these questions that I have produced. I wrote several questions which he discussed through with me explaining questions he is regularly asked, according to that I made appropriate questions. To produce a data capture sheet I had to search for a list of confirmed field lists. The following were searched, before being confirmed: 1) Make 2) Model 3) Colour 4) Top Speed 5) Age 6) Doors 7) Ranking 8) Mileage 9) Petrol/Diesel 10) Prices 11) Registration Make Model Colour Body Type Number of owners Fuel Price After having confirmed the above by a local car dealer I produced my final attributes: Make Model Number of owners Colour Body Type Fuel Price Audi A6 0 Metallic Gold Saloon Diesel �13999 ...read more.


Here is a page from the auto trader magazine: This is a view of how I used the data efficiently in my database: Overall my research was evenly done between I.T and non-I.T sources. Attributes Data Type Size Format Validation rule Validation Text Make Text 10 Model Text 7 Colour Text 5 Is not null Must be filled in Number of owners Numbers 1 >0 AND <5 Body Type Text Fuel Text 6 Price Numbers 5 Currency Positive Price Cant enter negative price I choose text for the data type for the model of a car because it covers both numbers and text, which are required in ,many of the cars E.g. BMW 3Series As the validation for a car price I used computer language to ensure negative or any invalid data isn't accepted. I also ensured all the field sizes were big enough, and at the same time not too big. The reason for this user guide is to show step by step development of my database. I will describe certain things I did and give evidence by using print screens. 1) To start with I went into the Microsoft access package and opened a blank database, and then I named the database and gave it a file location. 2) Following this a screen appeared which gave me the following options: * Tables * Queries * Reports * Forms From these I choose to make a table. 3) Now I had to fill the table in with the appropriate headings and data. 4) ...read more.


Query Design- Query Results- 2) Customer Question-Do you have a Smart Car in White for under �10000? Query Design- Query Results- By making queries I can be search for data and also add data easily. To do my project I had to select a software, which would be most useful for me and my task. The software I choose was Microsoft Access because it consisted of the features I needed. Microsoft Access was useful to me because in order to create a database I needed something that could store/handle large amounts of data. Using Access I could also answer queries and within seconds show results. This is a search facility, which isn't available on other softwares such as Excel. Overall it also has a very user-friendly look. Comparison: I will make a comparison between Access and Excel for my given task. Access was more suitable for me because I could create a table and give it validation rules and checks. I would not be able to create validations on Excel. Access has also an additional feature than excel because it is able to locate specific queries in the data table. This is useful for update of data, which can be difficult in Excel. Overall I have come to realise that Access is more suitable for data handling and excel is more suitable for data modelling. For the project I was doing I needed to have appropriate attributes to show the data. I was able to select certain attributes, by their necessities. Following is a list of attributes some of which I have included and some not. ...read more.

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