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Database Project - Evaluation

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Evaluation . Evaluation of Initial objectives When the database loads up, a password is requested. When the password is entered, the menu screen automatically comes up. The menu screen is simple and there are 3 obvious options to choose from. These are the 'Purchases File', 'Customers File' and 'Phones File'. They are near of the bottom of the menu screen. To go to the file, the button should be clicked on, as this navigates the screen to the chosen file. On the second user requirement, it states that the database should make the Customer's names to sort. ...read more.


the Surname, Customer ID and even the E-mail address. Then he should click on the 'Find' navigation button and the customers details should come up. Instead of a search engine, I decided that a 'Find' navigation button would be more easy and simple to do and would have the same effect as a search engine. So in the Phones file, when you enter in a phone's detail and press the 'Find' navigation button, the phone's information should come up. In the Phone's file, a customer is able to view phones and deals as it has a lot of information about phones and deals. ...read more.


I did this without the User telling me to and after when I told him about this, he asked, "Why?" and I replied, "So that if a person is struggling to choose a phone or a deal, then they could look at other peoples choices and that could help them. They would also see which one is also the most favourite by looking at the customer's choices. I could not put the database onto the Internet as I didn't have the skills to do so. However, the User told me not to worry about this as he knew a friend who did know how to do it. All the original user objectives have been fulfilled very successfully. ...read more.

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