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Database Section

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Software For my database project I am going to be designing a computer system, which will be able to handle data. My user owns and runs their own DVD rental shop called "DVDs-2-Rent". At the present time, all customers are stored in a filing cabinet kept on individual cards. To solve this problem I could use a Spreadsheet, Word Processor or Database programme. I am going to use a Database software package called 'Microsoft Access', as I think this is the best possible solution to the problem am trying to solve. By using 'Microsoft Access' you can keep a large amount of information stored on a database that is related to a particular topic and would become unmanageable in Spreadsheet form (i.e. I am going to use a database to hold information about DVDs and customers). Also another advantage is that data can be altered and changed easily. By using this software I will also be able to run queries for different information about DVDs for both the user and the customer. This means that if my user needs to search for a particular type of information about DVD or customer details (i.e. ...read more.


I will also need to produce two onscreen forms, which allow the user to enter details about what the user is trying to find out: * Find all DVDs of a certain genre (i.e. Find all the romantic comedy DVDs) * Find all DVDs of a certain certification (i.e. U, PG, 12, 15, 18) Information for each of my user's customers will need to include: * Unique Identification Code * First Name * Surname * Date of Birth * Address * 1st Line - House Name/Number * 2nd Line - Street name * 3rd Line - Town * 4th Line - County * 5th Line - Postcode * Contact Number(s) * Proof of Identification (Passport, Driving License) * Email Address (Reminders, Special Offers) Information that must be held about each DVD: * Individual/ Unique ID number for the DVD * Name of the DVD * Certification (U, PG, 12,15,18). * Genre of the film (Horror, Comedy, Romantic, Drama Action etc). * Date of release Information that must be held about the loan transaction: * Holder of the DVD (ID/Name) * DVD (ID or Title) * Date on loan * Date due back * Amount due (�) ...read more.


Using a validation rule reduces user input error. Fields I will need to validate to reduce input error: Customer table: * Gender - ("M for male, "F" for female) * Date of Birth - (Input mask - 00/00/0000) * Post code - (Input mask - >LL00\ 0LL) The user will need to update information in this table when new customers complete the membership forms supplied by "DVDs-2-Rent". A new record will need to be inserted into the table by going to Insert =>New record and once it is entered the customers will then need to be sorted into ascending order. When a customer ends their membership, the user will need to delete the member's record by clicking the arrow on the left of the table => delete record on the correct record to be deleted. The user will need to alter the data in the record when, for example, the customer changes their address or contact details to valid information so if the user needs to contact them then they can refer back to the database that should display the updated information for the customer. Jess Kimber "Analyse Section" Jan 07 ...read more.

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